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Yoga Classes Online and In Croydon & Purley

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We offer specialist Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga Classes, as well as Postnatal yoga classes for newborns and beyond to support your childs growth and development.

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Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga Class

Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is great way of supporting you and your baby. Carefully adapted classic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques promote harmony, joy, trust and self-confidence.

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Newborn Baby and Postnatal Yoga Class

Newborn Baby & Postnatal Yoga (0-3 mos)

Newborn Baby & Postnatal Yoga classes in Croydon are a gentle, safe and nurturing class for mummys and their babies from birth to 16 weeks

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Baby & Postnatal Yoga Class

Baby & Postnatal Yoga (4 mos+)

Birthlight Baby & Postnatal Yoga classes in Croydon: a gentle, safe and postnatal class for mothers and their babies from 16 weeks to crawling; a great follow-on class after Mother & Baby Nurture.

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Yoga Class For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Our Beginner's Yoga courses are an ideal opportunity to begin a weekly practice of yoga, whether you're a complete beginner or you'd like to recap on some of the basic postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

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Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga Class

Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga

An amazing Therapeutic Alignment based class in South Croydon, full of lively yoga postures and flowing sequences, coupled with some beautiful restorative yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

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Gentle Yoga Class

Gentle Yoga

InJoy Yoga's Restorative Gentle Yoga in South Croydon & Gentle Hatha Yoga Class in Purley offer slower, more therapeutic sessions to suit all ages and abilities across Croydon & Purley

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Pregancy & Relaxation Yoga

Pregnancy & Relaxation Yoga

Pregnancy & Relaxation Yoga encourages an awareness of the link between breath, mind and body which is especially beneficial during pregnancy. 

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