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Pure InJoy - Health, Wealth & Happiness

Pure InJoy covers all aspects of understanding yoga and health from a holistic perspective. At InJoy! we recognise that there are three simple universal laws that, if we all lived by them, would be part of creating a peaceful and conscious planet.

Three Universal Laws

These are:

  • Do no harm or perceived harm to yourself;
  • Do no harm to your fellow humans;
  • Do no harm to the planetary environment and its inhabitants (all non human living species).

This part of the website introduces you to some yoga fundamentals and how they relate to life on and off the yoga mat. It also explores holistic therapies and simple self development tools that mean you can start in one instant to become more responsible towards your health, wealth and happiness and all those around you.

Co-operation, not Competition

At InJoy! we believe that co operation rather than competition is how we can evolve into a better people and a better planet and ensure the survival of so many species that are being threatened by extinction just because of the way the human race is abusing the planet we inhabit.

We draw parallels with descibing both the health of our planet and the health of each individual inhabitant of the planet and how moving from symptom-focused health to causal-focused health models can also be applied to how we impact our planet.

Personal Responsibility

Taking personal responsibility is a key theme for InJoy! as making others responsible for our health, wealth and happiness leaves each of us weaker and more vulnerable, making it harder to adapt to the changes required by each of us in order to ensure the survival of our planet and the continuation and long term health of future generations.


Science is finally beginning to catch up with more indigenous wisdom and knowledge. What was once considered 'spiritual' or 'hocus pocus' now has in many areas scientific backing. Wherever possible, you will find links to scientific research to reinforce what you will find on this website.

Some areas remain unexplored by science, but this doesn't mean they are not worthy of your attention! Even if you have never looked into quantum physics, know that our expectations of life do influence our experience of it, both collectively and as individuals, and when there is a desire for proof, sooner or later it will be found! Know that the only real proof you will require in exploring these pages is that of your own inner feelings- remain open to noticing how your body feels when you discover something new and trust that inner guidance or gut instinct.

Your Personal Journey

Learning to differentiate between the voice of 'fear' or past programming and your inner truth is part of the InJoy! journey. Creating the life you want is something we are very passionate about at InJoy!

Whether you want to create better health, a loving relationship, a more rewarding career, greater wealth and prosperity or even to conceive a child or creative project, these pages will help you. How exactly? We offer you lots of tools that will help you to understand how the beliefs you have been exposed to from as far back as your time in the womb influence what you think, feel and expect from the world you live in, and how you behave.

It is both frightening and liberating to discover this truth as beliefs can be changed and any perceived damage you have experienced can and should be healed. We go beyond the frontiers of science to explore how ancestral beliefs, health issues and actions influence you in your life today and how you can make the most of the positive influences and neutralise the limiting ones.

Prevent Bad Health

Part of the InJoy! mission is to provide information and education regarding common health hazards that may not be general knowledge.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and understand that the foods and products we put into and onto our bodies can influence our health both in the short term and, more importantly, the long term.

If you knew that you could make simple changes in your lifestyle that would help PREVENT bad health in the future for you and your family, would you be interested? There are a whole host of amazing websites that you can link to for more information on any particular issue. InJoy! has gathered together the ones that, so far, we have found most useful and trustworthy as well as many articles that will be of interest.

Most of all we want to support you in creating a more joy filled life.


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