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Terms & Conditions

1. Payments are to be made on a 4-week basis for any General Yoga classes.
2. Payments need to be made in advance by using our website online booking system, MindBody app or via cash/cheque to your teacher prior to the start of your first class.
3. All cheques are made payable to InJoy Yoga CIC.
4. No refunds or discounts are made due to classes missed because of feeling unwell, sudden work commitments, being too tired, problems with car, unexpected visitors, partner coming home late, last-minute holiday, family sickness etc.
5. If your normal class cannot be kept due to these reasons, classes can be transferred to an alternative and relevant InJoy class before the expiration date of the class block. Spaces permitting. Rescheduling of classes can be made via our booking system.
6. A concession rate for those who receive Working Tax credits (Child Tax Credit without Working Tax Credit, doesn’t count) or other state benefits is available. Prove must be provided prior to booking.
7. Concession rates also apply to students (proof required) and clients claiming full pension who are no longer in employment.
8. We recognise that there will be clients who do not qualify for tax credits or state benefits but are still experiencing financial hardship. In these instances we offer payment by instalments and look at each case on an individual basis. Please contact us by phone or email if you feel you cannot afford the regular fee, but do not qualify for the concession rate.
9. As a courtesy to other clients and the teacher, being late (more than 15 mins) can be disruptive to the energy of the class dynamics so please do allow some time for finding parking, getting a bus etc.

Transfer of payment from one type of class to another
1. Eg moving from Pregnancy Yoga to Mummy and Baby Nurture:
All classes not attended due to baby coming early or before the current term has finished, are automatically ‘frozen’ and transferred to Mummy and Baby Nurture classes.
These remaining classes are ‘frozen’ for a period up to 16 weeks after baby is born (unless severe complications such as premature birth/maternal healing complications etc) do not make it possible for attendance to be made before this time period ends.
From the date that first attendance is made, the other remaining sessions must be used on a consecutive weekly basis.
Eg if a client has 3 session to use, from the first date they attend, they are then expected to come weekly to use those sessions up and can then continue the classes by paying the term fee for that class.

2. Moving from one type of class to another:
Clients can transfer from one class to another and continue for the remainder of the valid term. EG if a woman wants to discontinue baby yoga and attend general yoga this is possible. Or from general to pregnancy yoga. In cases where the class they want to go to is more expensive, payment of the remaining balance will be expected before switching classes. In situations where the class they are switching to is cheaper, we regret that no refund will be made. Any transfer of classes needs to be activated within 3 months (90 days) or payment transfer expires.

Personal risk:
1. All clients must fill out the health form and disclaimer provided on the InJoy yoga online booking system prior to the commencement of classes.
2. It is essential that you disclose on a class by class basis, any changing health conditions that you are aware of for you and your baby if applicable.
3. It is also the responsibility of each person attending a class, to listen to their own body and only do as instructed when it feels comfortable to do so.
4. If pain/discomfort is experienced, it is the responsibility of the student to stop participating in the exercise and let the teacher know immediately.
5. Persons under the age of 18, wishing to attend a General Yoga class with an adult, must also fill out the health form and disclaimer provided on the InJoy yoga booking system and also email the InJoy office a letter of consent from their parent or guardian.
6. All belongings are left unattended at the owners risk: InJoy accepts no responsibility for items lost, damaged or stolen on any of the premises where InJoy classes are held.
InJoy teachers are all fully qualified and experienced in their field. All InJoy classes offered, including Birthlight classes, are specifically designed with safety in mind and do not include content that would knowingly or in circumspection, cause harm to anyone. This is our remit and we uphold it.
In signing the Disclaimer you are taking responsibility for how your body feels and letting the teacher know if you are not comfortable.

Class cancellations/change of term dates/Terms and Conditions:
InJoy reserves the right to change the dates, time or venue of a course at any point during the term. We also reserve the right to change the Terms and conditions of our service without prior notification.
If a client can no longer make the changes in time/venue/course dates, they will be refunded accordingly or given a credit for other InJoy classes they may wish to attend.
In such instances the difference in price of one class to another is wavered i.e. no extra moneys will be refunded or asked for.
In the extremely rare event that a class has to be cancelled at short notice, clients will be notified by SMS/email. It is vital that we have a current mobile contact and email for you on our booking system.
If time/event does not permit this contact, a note will be left at the venue with apologies for the cancellation.
In all such events, clients will be offered a credit for a future class and if this is not an option will be refunded the full cost of class, which depends on how many classes were booked originally.
If a class is cancelled due to weather conditions, this will be announced on the website and an email or text message sent. If clients are unsure of whether classes are running, they should either call headoffice or check the InJoy Yoga website for updates.
Payments for any classes cancelled due to adverse weather conditions cannot be refunded but you can attend another suitable class within your block.


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