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We have an exciting update for you from InJoy Yoga. We are focusing on expanding our Online Yoga community and to best serve our InJoy Yoga community we will be merging with it's sister company RozyGlow. RozyGlow was created six years ago by InJoy Yoga's founder Rosanna Kalliabetsos.

This an exciting development for the InJoy community as yoga is just one element that allows us to consciously cocreate our physical reality. RozyGlow is the next step as it incorporates MultiDimensional tools for you to learn more about living holistically and reprogramming the conscious mind from fear conditioning we are used to living with.

What does this mean for our InJoy Community?

  • All online yoga classes will be offered and purchased through RozyGlow. If you have a current InJoy class pass this will be transferred across with new login details. Update about this to follow!
  • We will continue to offer Pregnancy, Baby, Gentle and Dynamic Nurture Flow classes online through RozyGlow
  • When physical classes resume we will continue to offer these in Croydon through the InJoy website
  • TAKE ACTION: To register your interest and keep being subscribed to InJoy emails and updates through RozyGlow. Please click the link below to sign up to RozyGlow emails. Click here to Subscribe to RoyGlow!

All Online Classes and Workshops are Live, interactive with the professional yoga teachers you have come to trust.


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Online Yoga Classes

Live and Interactive Online Yoga Classes classes are held weekly, all taught by our professional yoga instructors

Please Note: All class times are held in British Standard Time (BST)

Booking an online yoga class or workshop:

Booking an online yoga class pass couldn't be easier. Here's an outline of the booking process for the current pass options:

Single Class Pass:

Buying a Single Class Pass grants you one-time access to one of our First Class Online Yoga Classes. 

After you have chosen your class and completed your purchase, you will be taken to a confirmation page, as well as receiving a confirmation email. Your confirmation email contains all of your class details: Day, Time, Meeting ID & Meeting Password.

Joining A Live Class: 

Once you have received your confirmation email and downloaded Zoom, you can access by either:

  • Using the Meeting ID an Password and entering it manually into your Zoom app
  • Clicking the link in your  confirmation email

1 Month Online Access Pass

Buying a 1 Month Online Access Pass grants access to your online yoga area, along with additional benefits.

Once you have chosen your class membership and completed your purchase, you will be taken to your Class Library Area. You can find your active class memberships here. To log into your class library area, click the login in the menu bar or visit

Your class area contains your class details: Day, Time, Meeting ID & Meeting Password.

Joining A Live Yoga Class:

As a monthly member, you can access your live class in a couple of different ways:

  • Clicking The link in your automated 15 minute reminder email
  • Clicking the 'Join Live Class' link in your class area
  • Manually entering the Meeting ID and Password found in your Membership area into your Zoom app

For more information about Online Yoga Classes and how to use Zoom, Visit The FAQ Page

Online Yoga Classes

Live and Interactive Online Yoga Classes classes are held weekly, all taught by our professional yoga instructors

Please Note: All classes are held in BST

Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga Online

Online Gentle Nurture Flow Yoga Class | Restorative Gentle Yoga

Monday | RozyGlow | 6:00 - 7:00pm

Thursday | About Balance | 6:00 - 7:15pm

Restorative Gentle yoga is perfect for people that are looking for a slow class to stretch and feel into their body. It is a combination of breath and movement in a slow flow to reconnect body and mind.

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Restorative Gentle Yoga Online

Online Dynamic Nurture Flow Yoga Class | Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga

Monday | RozyGlow | 7:45 - 8:45pm

Thursday | About Balance | 7:45 - 9:15pm

Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga is for people looking for a stronger practice, one that strengthens and energises. It is a full of lively yoga postures and flowing sequences, coupled with some beautiful restorative yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

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Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga Online

Online Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Yoga

Sunday | 10:30 am | 1hr

Yoga during pregnancy is great way of supporting you and your baby. Carefully adapted classic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques promote harmony, joy, trust and self-confidence.

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Baby & Postnatal Yoga (4 mos+) Online

Online Newborn & Baby & Postnatal Yoga (0-4+ mos)

Tuesday | 11:00 am | 1hr

Newborn & Baby Postnatal Yoga classes that are a gentle, safe and nurturing class for mummys and their babies from birth to 4mos+.

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Online Yoga Workshops

Online Yoga Workshops are specially designed, to provide useful informative information around their subject, incorporating yoga techniques to help guide the message deep within you.

As workshops are scheduled infrequently, check back here often for find out when the next workshops are available