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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath Workshop in Croydon

For adults open to getting their creative juices flowing, and finding peace through the cacao and singing bowls.

This sacred gathering includes our magical cacao ceremony, Rachelle’s gorgeous crystal singing bowls and Rozy’s multi-dimensional yoga!

At the Equinoxes we have night and day in perfect balance…the opportunity to see both our ‘light’ and ‘shadow’ in equal measure.

Now is the time to focus on what you wish to GROW in your life… and how you define your own personal success. And the secret to success is… HAPPINESS!

Workshop Details


⏰ 3:30pm - 7:30pm

📍 St Augustine's Church, St. Augustine's Avenue, South Croydon, CR2 6BA | Map

🧘‍♀️ TBC | Find Out More


(3 Hour Session)
£50 pp

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Rozy's Tips for this Workshop

Here are some questions to contemplate, that we will draw on for inspiration during the opening cacao ceremony:

  • Which parts of us do we want to celebrate?
  • Which parts of us have we not made peace with yet?
  • Which parts of us require more love?
  • What are we being called to focus on now?
  • What can we visualise for now or in the future?

Bring a notebook and pen, a favourite crystal to energise, wear your yoga clothes and avoid eating anything heavy 1.5 hours before the ceremony. If possible, avoid dairy and meat to help deepen your connection with the cacao medicine. Also drink plenty of water ahead of the ceremony and for at least 24 hours after….it’s not a good idea to plan a big night out after ceremony either.

What Happens During A Cacao Ceremony?

Opening intention/invocation (20 mins)

Drinking of cacao in a circle as we introduce ourselves and reflect on intentions (60 mins)

Yoga practice to move stuck stuff (90mins)

Meditation co-creation (30 mins)

Sound bath (40 mins)

Please Note: If you are on any long term medication for blood pressure, heart issues, depression or anxiety PLEASE check your medication as some medication doesn’t mix well with cacao.

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Have a read below of some of our sparkling customer testimonials for this class

Helen Kinsey on Facebook
Feeling fantastic and so blessed yet again for finding and connecting with InJoy and Rozyglow and for the first time experiencing Rochelles glorious crystal bowls. I have left todays equinox ceremony feeling invigorated and full of wonder. Thank you ðŸ˜Œâ€¯

It's just the best thing I've ever done. I love yoga and always feel so good after it. It's so worth it not just for exercise but to destress as well.   
Injoy have a 10/10 rating and all the yoga teachers are absolutely amazing.   
Love you guys thank you for everything xxxx


Katie Finch
Thank you for such a beautiful day. I am so pleased I decided to get involved with you and your work. Your life, your journey and your honesty is a big inspiration for me and it gives me major hope for my life so thank you. ðŸ™ðŸ’•ðŸ’•

If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with your inner voice and wisdom, then this is way to go! Rozy’s cacao ceremony on Sunday was so, what can I say, permissive? She encouraged us to open up to our fears and misconceptions, work through them and become richer in every way. I love the nurturing space she creates and she reinforces the joy and support that is shared when we join together.

Thank you Rozy.  

The space you create is safe and one where I feel supported, loved and not judged. It's also one where I am able to journey on my healing process. You're awesome ðŸŒˆ


Meet Your Teacher: Rosanna Kalliabetsos

Charmaine is yet to write her bio - Check back soon for more information or read about the rest of the team

Check out this short video introduction from Charmaine & Rozy ->

Charmaine Murray Instructor Image

Workshop Details


⏰ 3:30pm - 7:30pm

📍 St Augustine's Church, St. Augustine's Avenue, South Croydon, CR2 6BA | Map

🧘‍♀️ Charmaine Murray | Find Out More


(3 Hour Session)
£50 pp

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