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Corporate Responsibility

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As part of our commitment to living consciously and in harmony with nature, InJoy-Yoga observes the following policies:

  • Wherever possible we use recycled paper and card for our business stationery (
  • All our marketing material is also printed on recycled paper when available.
  • We recycle all our business waste including paper, plastic, batteries, metal, light bulbs and compost our shredded scrap paper.
  • We print on both sides of a page, always.
  • We only distribute leaflets in target marketed areas so minimise wastage caused by door to door leaflet drops.
  • We now supply all our class handouts by email instead of hardcopy.
  • We use refillable ink cartridges and recycle empty ones
  • We use low energy light bulbs at our office and encourage all the locations we hire to do the same
  • Our InJoy T-Shirts and Vests are 100% organic and fair-trade (
  • We promote products that are any of the following: ethical, fair-trade, organic, and/or non toxic. This way they are better for the environment and better for you!
  • We are in the process of setting up our own Charity 'The Mary Evans Fund For Joyful Births' as requested by the late Mary Evans, Rosanna's mother. This fund will provide funding for attending perinatal yoga classes, workshops and holistic therapies for those who cannot afford our normal fees but wish to attend. It will also provide funding for raising awareness about the consciousness of parenting and of babies and how to heal trauma.


We also encourage our clients to 'InJoy! Being Green' by considering the following actions:

  • We encourage car pooling and walking to class where possible, using a good sling (
  • We highly recommend checking facebook for local Croydon ‘sling meets’ where you can go and find out all about the benefits of baby wearing and swap slings, or pick up 2nd hand ones.
  • Use cloth nappies and a local pick up laundry service where available. Details of both can be found through ‘The Real Nappy Network’.
  • Use bio degradable disposable nappies that can be found through various online stockists.
    Use water to wash your baby after a nappy change and organic cotton wool. Nappy wipes contain toxic chemicals that can aggravate your baby’s skin, and most high street brands are not biodegradable. Look out for non toxic eco wipes that are soft on nature and on skin and only use them when out and about.
  • Discover the world of non toxic cosmetics that are soft on nature and safe for your skin. Choose from the ranges we love: Absolutely Pure, Bare Minerals, and the Neways ranges.
  • Choose toiletries and house hold cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment. We particularly love Neways and Neals Yard. You can purchase Neways through our site and also Neal’s Yard is coming soon!