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InJoy Yoga & Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Online Yoga Classes!

As we're sure you have heard by now Coronavirus has gripped the world. Travel and movement restrictions are coming into force across Europe both internally and externally, and the UK government are sure to follow suit in the coming days. 

Significant changes to everyone's daily lives are coming, and we want to make sure you are still able to get all of the benefits of yoga that you want - all without leaving the comfort of your your own home and risking the health of you or your loved ones'

🧘 💻🧘‍♂

At InJoy Yoga, we are pleased to announce online yoga classes via Zoom! They are LIVE & INTERACTIVE. Replays of the filmed classes will be made available for anyone who has paid monthly or weekly so that you never miss a class. We are still offering some classes in person for those who wish to come, please check the class details for more information.

All our classes at the moment are £40 per month to match our new online prices and will be a one hour class with a GIFTED half hour to allow for discussion time, mindset shifts and practical things we can all do to strengthen ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically during this time.

What you'll love about virtual classes:

  • Live teachers - in a pre-recording you can't interact with your teacher, ask questions or get feedback🌺
  • No Commute to class - giving you some extra time.🌳
  • Protect yourself and loved ones during the Coronavirus Epidemic by practising yoga from your own home
  • Creating a positive & safe space in your home to practise yoga - we recommend sticking up some positive affirmations in this space.☀

Whilst we are of course eager to reinstate all of our yoga classes to be available in person, nobody is sure of the length or severity of the Coronavirus outbreak yet, so we will also be implementing some new features to our website to ensure you have the best online yoga experience possible as soon as possible!

Check back often for the latest news and updates about brand new online yoga classes by InJoy Yoga


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