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Conscious Conception | Being Present

Perhaps you want to have a baby, have been trying hard to conceive or have found out you are pregnant. 

Maybe you have only just started 'trying' or the very idea of 'trying' terrifies you. Maybe your pregnancy was an 'accident'. Or perhaps you are finally pregnant and are suprised to find deep emotions surfacing that you didn't expect. 

Whatever brings you here, these pages offer you a different perspective on fertility, conception and supporting early pregnancy. 

What might help you to grow more aware of yourself and your intentions as an aspiring parent to be, and create an optimal environment for a baby to grow in? The suggestions below will both help you clear existing blocks that may be preventing you from conceiving and also support you in cultivating a positive experience of pregnancy. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

What Does Being Present Mean? 

Being present means to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations at any point in time. For intention to manifest, there must be a congruent flow of energy between what is desired and what the resulting response may be from your body, heart and mind (what is expected). 

For example, imagine you really want to be a mother but the idea of this frightens you because your own mother was not very nurturing and you don't want to be like her. Or you are desperate to be a mum but are terrified of giving birth? Perhaps you really want a baby but your partner is reluctant. 

The desire (wanting a baby) and the physiological response (being terrified/fearful/forceful) don't match up. If what you want to create leads to feelings, thoughts or physical responses that are constrictive - then creative energy is not flowing. When creative energy flows there is harmony between what is desired, experienced and expected. 

Conscious Conception - What it Is 

A 'conscious conception' is when both partners are very clear and focused on what their intention is - to conceive a healthy and happy baby, with love. There is another factor which plays a part in the manifestation of a desire... this is to also set the desire free. A letting go is a softening in the body too, and a womb that is a soft and trusting space helps conception to occur. Enjoying your intimate moments with your partner is also a letting go and allows you both to be tapped into the creative flow. Keeping your mind focused only on getting pregnant robs you of the experience of love that comes from being together. Good orgasms are like the sparks of creation! Everything else manifests from a sound foundation, in divine timing. 

Divine Timing 

Divine timing means trusting the process of your journey, and that everything is happening as it should in this moment, even if events are not happening in the timescale you envisioned. Maybe you have found out you are pregnant and you were not actively trying to conceive or particularly focused on creating a nurturing space within you for your baby. 

Maybe you have been working really hard, you know you have been stressed and - now you are pregnant - even though you are happy, you wonder how you will cope with the demands of your pregnancy and your business. Never mind that - you will have a baby in arms in a few months from now! Perhaps you wish you had done things a little differently but there is no turning back. 

The moment of NOW is the most powerful moment you have. In this moment you have the choice to trust, to breathe out and let go, to take a moment to rest or make a healthier choice in what you eat, think, feel and do. 


It can be very helpful to consider your feelings about parenthood- what you feel about how you were mothered and fathered, what your expectations/fears regarding your partner and their role may be, and what your expectations are regarding pregnancy, birth and life with a baby. Part of preparing for being the parents you want to be can involve discussing what you don't want to be and being clear with each other about what your expectations are. 

Reading books about conscious parenting will give you ideas to inspire your best intentions. 



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