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Conception To Parenthood

The Conception to Parenthood Blog series is dedicated to everything we feel you may want to know about conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting but don't easily gain access to. 

It is part of the InJoy mission to help women conceive, grow and birth their babies without violence and fear. We believe that all babies deserve to come into the world in a dignified and loving way regardless of whether a baby is born in hospital or at home, naturally or via C-Section. 

Fear of Giving Birth 

Fear is by far the biggest hurdle for fertility issues, pregnancy and birth. It creates tension in the bodies of both mother and baby and heavily influences the outcome of maternal health and labour and birth. The antidote is simple - information, reassurance, developing new beliefs about pregnancy and parenthood, and learning to RELAX and trust the natural process of life! 

How Yoga Helps: Relaxation 

Pregnancy Yoga will help you to learn the vital art of relaxation. Research shows that women who have prepared more for their baby's birth through learning yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques, educating themselves about the different options they have available to them for when the birth comes, and gathering independent information on issues that may arise during their pregnancy tend to have a more positive experience of pregnancy and birth, and embrace birth outcomes whatever course the baby's arrival takes. 

Consciousness and the Inner Environment 

InJoy yoga for conception, pregnancy and birth is Birthlight yoga and thus is focused on the consciousness around pregnancy and birth, and of baby and parents, rather than a rigid idea of what the birth should take. Simply feeling less anxious and frightened about giving birth creates a much better inner environment for your baby. Women who come to our antenatal classes report back how useful the breathing, relaxation and physical awareness they have learned helped them to flow with the rhythm of their labour. 

Birth outcomes do tend to be more straightforward just through this simple new awareness that each of us are designed to give birth to our babies and, given the right conditions, instinctively know how to birth them or when they are going to need a little help. 

The techniques learned for labour also work beautifully when an intervention does prove necessary, or indeed a C-Section. Both Mother and partner can focus more easily on keeping calm and reassuring their baby, who is of course taking full part in the birthing process (easily forgotten when the process is fearful). It can be very calming to a labouring mother to be reminded to re-connect with her baby, if she is experiencing anxiety and needs reassurance. 

Companion Practices 

Listening to relaxation and hypnotherapy CDs, going for reiki, hypnobirthing, massage, reflexology, acupuncture and cranial osteopathy are all wonderful companions to your yoga practice and help align you with your baby in mind, body, heart and spirit so you feel confident and well-equipped to enjoy your baby's birth when the time comes. 

After the Baby is Here 

And what about when your baby arrives? How do you ease both yours and your baby's transition into the outer world? What are the most loving and helpful ways for both of you to bond with each other, and Daddy of course? We have teamed up with the Fathers To Be movement and Babies Know to make support available for all the family regarding finding your way as a conscious family. 

Knowing how to help your baby feel safe in the world and how to nurture yourself in those early weeks is vital so that proper attachment can occur. The information we provide you with literally gives you permission to trust your instincts above and beyond all those 'helpful' voices that feel compelled to tell you what to do! Once you understand the latest research into bonding and secure attachment and what is and isn't safe to do, you will feel much more confident about doing things your way. 

From Babies to Children 

As babies grow there is so much information on how to help them to grow into happy and confident children who really trust their parents. 

Our Friends and Partners 

Injoy has teamed up with some fantastic holistic therapists and practitioners who specialise in treating pregnant women, new mothers and babies. All therapists and holistic health practitioners are personally vetted by InJoy and work in harmony with the ethos of InJoy 

We are also happy to recommend those companies and internet sites that have been recommended to us and who we can vouch for as ethically-minded and generally wonderful. 

Information for All 

You will also find here many articles available for download on issues such as breastfeeding, formula milk (things to think about), vaccinations, nappies, carrier slings, breast pumps, breast feeding preparation tips, postnatal recovery tips, mother and baby skin products, dietary tips and maternity ward practices and statistics so that you are well informed regarding issues that are often not talked about enough or in a balanced way. 

Inspirational Stories 

And if you want to feel inspired about having a wonderful and empowering birth experience, there are birth stories to read from those who have come along to BirthLight classes with InJoy

We Want to Hear from You 

If you would like to recommend a particular site, practitioner or anything else relating to pregnancy and birth please contact us and we will look into your ideas. 


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