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InJoy! honours and recognises an inherent order in all matter, physical or otherwise. We recognise that our thoughts shape our reality and how we feel, and that our feelings govern our health and sense of well being. We know that happy people are healthy people and we recognise that, as we change our view of ourselves and the world, the world around us changes.

As said by Gandhi:

Our beliefs become our thoughts.
Our thoughts become our words.
Our words become our actions.
Our actions become our habits.
Our habits become our values.
Our values become our destiny.

How many of the 'problems' in our life are simply our reactions to our predecessors' choices? How we were carried in the womb; how our mum and dad felt about us when we weren't even born; these things affect our personalities in many ways.

How we were born reinforces either a deep trust or a deep fear of life. How we are parented, treated in our community, educated; these all affect what we become.

Discovering how our early experiences of life have shaped us gives us the power to create consciously should we choose to. Be that a baby, a relationship or a project, understanding how we have come to be who we are ALLOWS us the freedom to have a positive impact on ourselves, each other and the world.

InJoy! offers a variety of yoga-based classes that engender the InJoy! philosophy in conjunction with BirthlightFathers To Be and Babies Know.

We give you the science to back what we know:

We are all connected. Life isn't random. Through proper education and information, we can all learn to conceive, birth and live consciously, letting go of all fears and limitations that stop us from trusting in life.

Life wants us to be happy! InJoy!


Mission Statement

InJoy promotes living consciously and in harmony with the planet by providing information and education primarily through specialist yoga.  Our intention is to support joyful living, loving conceptions, loving pregnancies, loving births and loving parenthoods.

InJoy shares the knowledge, experience and expertise to support this mission through the creation of a collective community consciousness. Within this community many specialists in their field share their wisdom, both in classes, and online.

Further, InJoy has the intention to expand the knowledge, experience and expertise to incorporate all relevant new ideas, products, techniques and medical advances in matching depth.

The Mission of InJoy is to assist parents in bringing into the world babies who will be loving, happy, beautiful and eager for life.

It is also to assist all those seeking to live a more joyful, conscious and peaceful life with tools to make it so, through self development, yoga, and an accepting online and physical community of like minded and hearted beings.


Our Aim:

  • Provide good quality yoga opportunities as students and teachers for people of all ages and needs within local communities;
  • Present accurate and up to date information for holistic health awareness and link with therapists who share our vision, through our website;
  • Create income opportunities through communities that allow people to live their dreams, and behave ethically and consciously towards ourselves, each other, animals and our environment;
  • Educate anyone and everyone about the consciousness of babies pre birth and in the early years of life;
  • Offer free tools for those wishing to move from a mindset of surviving to a mindset of thriving, recognising that our thoughts and feelings shape our experience of reality, and thoughts can be changed;
  • Promote personal responsibility for health and healing so that each of us can move past our traumas and pain and embrace the gift that life truly is.
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