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Loved in Town and Category 2013

Depression & Anxiety appear to be at opposite ends of the scale of health issues yet both have the same trigger in common- an overworked sympathetic nervous system...the 'Fight, Flight, Freeze; response to chronic stress (which is the environmental 'norm' we ALL live in currently...some are just more sensitive to it than others).

This 3 hour workshop is designed to help you to feel at home in your body! It also offers tools to help you make peace with your emotions and learn to move through self judgment towards self acceptance.

Are any of the following an issue for you?

  • Trouble getting to sleep at night
  • Waking in the night with a busy worried mind that stops you falling asleep again.
  • Digestive issues (constipation, IBS, gas etc)
  • Fertility issues   
  • Frequent mood swings   
  • Thyroid issues
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Comfort eating/Lack of appetite   
  • Sexual disfunction of any type

This workshop is designed to make you master of your own nervous system, so you learn what you can do to calm an anxious mind down, and how you can lift your energy up when you feel in a slump. Investment £35.

We all know what is 'good' for us, but when we are caught in depression or a manic frenzy it seems impossible to help ourselves at all.

So the key is to look at 'pre' cues....what are the triggers for an overworked/exhausted sympathetic nervous system and what we can do to prevent extreme reactions.

Transitioning in our daily life mirrors how we deal with major transitions in life such as moving house, getting married, divorced, having a baby, or losing a loved one. You will discover how to move through your daily life to create ease and stability, all through finding a better way to get up and down off the floor, a chair, in and out of bed and so on.

Build muscle tone to relieve joint injuries and pain, and feel the difference in your body when everything is where it should be.

Breath is literally our lifesource. We all breathe automatically but learning how to breathe more fully and consciously has a beneficial effect on the para sympathetic nervous system which reduces/regulates blood pressure, encourages better sleep patterns, helps to relieve stress headaches and other stress symptoms, and improves overall health.

Find out which restorative postures work best for you and build your own mini routine that you can practise on your own to reap the rewards of the workshop time and time again!

Learn basic energy clearing techniques when you feel negativity around or within you- clearing your home, your energy field and your pain body using a sphere of compassion

Learn instant relaxation for busy moments and deeper relaxation for those who don't get enough sleep!

This yoga based workshop will be sharing:

  • A safe space to share personal journey and triggers relating to Physical, Emotional & Mental Health.
  • Remedial yoga postures that can calm anxiety, support sleep, reproductive & digestive well being,  balance emotions & lift mood
  • Learning how to use yoga techniques to soothe your emotions and calm your mind, by embracing how you feel.
  • Breath work for regulating and calming the FFF response
  • Mudras for cultivating inner balance and joy, calming the mind and relieving pain
  • The Heart Math Institute Heart Resonance meditation
  • Essential oils for Depression, Anxiety & associated side effects   
  • Discovering your optimal alignment and how this affects your mood and thinking processes.
  • Understanding how to relieve pain in your body through learning postural and weight distribution habits that will strengthen your core muscles   
  • Find out how to become stronger through learning to detach with empathy rather than suffer in sympathy!

This workshop is a must for those who work in the public health sector, emergency services, social services, or any high stress environment. Also great for those who 'overgive'....often mothers!  It teaches you to leave behind what isn't yours so that you can better help those you serve.

Wear lose comfy clothing, bring a notebook and pen, water, and a list of the issues you currently experience that you would like to remedy.

Avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 1.5 hrs before class.

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