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Loved in Town and Category 2013

Yoga workshop for couples

How we relate to our partner depends largely on how we have learned to relate to ourselves, and what we have been taught about love and intimacy.

Intimacy can be regarded as 'Into Me See'- the ability to share our innermost self free of the fear of being judged, rejected, abandoned or betrayed.

This includes our deepest needs for connection, affection, acceptance: to be held and to be understood. How we like to be shown love and how we like to express love.

Intimacy also relates to our sexual expression....and how safe we feel to express the needs we would like to have met. 

This yoga based workshop is for couples who feel ready to deepen their enjoyment of getting to know themselves through the 'mirror' of their partner- exploring the understanding that qualities we admire in our partner are ones we seek to grow in ourselves, and aspects of their behaviour/personality that 'trigger' us are aspects of our 'shadow' self that we find harder to accept or acknowledge in our own psyche.

Though the context is deep...the 'work' is fun! If you are looking to add a little 'spice' to your love life, in a way that improves all areas of your relationship with each other, this is definitely a workshop not to be missed!

This 3 hour workshop will explore:

  • Enjoyable partner stretches that cultivate co operation, communication and supporting each other to experience comfort and ease
  • Breathing techniques that bring you closer by entraining your energy fields and enhansing intuitive understanding beyond the need for words
  • Massage for awakening hidden erogenous ones, developing sensitivity and soothing the nervous system, allowing for enhanced individual and joint pleasure
  • Learning the various languages of love and which ones really speak to your partner
  • Essential oils that 'get you in the mood'
  • An introduction to the theory & experience of simple tantra practices that enhance sexual pleasure and cultivate a deepening of your unique partner bond
  • Seeing your partner as the 'Beloved'...the embodiment of the Sacred Masculine or Feminine expressed in human form and how you can most honor this.

Come dressed comfortably, so you can stretch with ease, and bring an open heart and mind.  NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF YOGA NECESSARY.

You can also bring a notebook to make notes, and video any parts of the workshop you want to practice at home :-)

This workshop will be facilitated by Rozy, founder of InJoy Yoga and RozyGlow. Guest speaker Dickon Walker will also be sharing his experience from a man's perspective of his journey into greater intimacy through Tantra philosophy and practice.

Please avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 1.5 hrs before the workshop....but why not make a reservation for dinner after? You will have lots of new and exciting practices to discuss putting into action when you get home ;-)

Pricing options are per person with ceremonial grade cacao £35 or without £30

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