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Postnatal Recovery Yoga Workshop 

BirthlightWhether you had the birth you wanted or things didn't go as planned... this session is for YOU. Postnatal recovery after birth is essential for all women to fully heal postpartum. In most cultures there is a closing of the body for new mothers.

Through a combination of structured gentle movements performed whilst lying down, and deep abdominal breathing, a new mother can start to bring her body into balance.

The session is an ideal gift for any new mother as it assists her to recover from the birth and any complications that may have arised. The sequence is so gentle it is even suitable for women who gave birth to their babies by Cesearean. Through practising the breathing and aligned movements, new mothers will begin to build their core strength and tone from the inside out.

It takes 9 months to grow a baby and 9 months to close a body AFTER birth....and breast feeding hormones keep your body soft and joints lose for a further 6 months AFTER you stop breastfeeding.

Benefits of the yoga sequence include:

  • Immediate craniosacral realignment (closing the pelvis, rib cage and lengthening the spine)
  • Reintegration of the deepest layers of back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Calming the nervous system of mother and baby
  • Aiding deep healing and deep rest
  • Promoting successful breast feeding

The workshop also includes essential postnatal health and safety tips supporting the transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood, and tips for soothing your baby in the first weeks of life.

Investment is £35 per person. 

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