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St Augustine's Church

Quaker Meeting House

St Swithuns

Loved in Town and Category 2013

So we are here, at the threshold of another Solstice
Sunday March 17th 14:00 to 18:00


Join Rosanna, founder of InJoy Yoga and RozyGlow for a sacred gathering, with the magical cacao deva, Rachelle's gorgeous sound baths and Rozy's multi dimensional yoga & co creation meditations! spring is sprouting.... And we have the most WONDERFULL treat in store for you to celebrate the end of winter! A sacred gathering, with the magical cacao deva, Rachelle's gorgeous crystal singing bowls and Rozy's multi dimensional yoga! At the Equinoxes we have night and day in perfect balance...the opportunity to see both our 'light' and 'shadow' in equal measure.

As we are moving towards summer, this is the time to focus on what you wish to GROW in your life....and how you define your own personal success. We have named the Ceremony 'SPRING into HAPPY' because the secret to success...is erm...well....... HAPPINESS! So we are focused on how to cultivate happiness from within.... This means looking back on what the darker months have taught us, and setting an intention to guide us in the direction that brings BALANCE & HARMONY into our lives. The yoga will be a beautiful sequence designed to clear the dross from winter, make space for more 'happy' and play the edge of 'yin' and 'yang' postures that encourage your own personal interplay for harmony and balance. We will joyfully explore twists, balancing postures and inversions that are both active and passive, depending on your personal energy levels...so COME AS YOU ARE! Here are some questions to contemplate, that we will draw on for inspiration during the opening cacao ceremony- Which parts of us do we want to celebrate? Which parts of us have we not made peace with yet? Which parts of us require more love? What are we being called to focus on now What can we visualise for now/future

If you haven't been to a cacao ceremony before it goes something like this:
Opening intention/invocation (20 mins)
Drinking of cacao in circle as we introduce ourselves and reflect on intentions (60 mins)
Yoga practice to move stuck stuff (60 mins)
Meditation co creation (40 mins)
Sound bath (40 mins)
Closing circle (20 mins)


Then you can expect:
*Gentle 'on the back' movements to bring you back into alignment with the womb of creation and your own original sacred blueprint
*Bija mantras to clear and active the 7 major chakras and also the earth star and soul star
* Yoga kriyas for each of the energy centres to move old energy out and bring new frequencies in
*A partner Yoga focused sequence to activate the balance between GIVING and RECEIVING, and setting the foundations for Relational Fulfillment
* Guided Co Creation Meditation to drop you into your still point (zero point) and activate your Inner Masculine and Feminine Sacred Dance
* Closing circle

Bring a notebook and pen, a favourite crystal to energise, wear your yoga clothes and avoid eating anything heavy in the morning and lunchtime before the ceremony

avoid dairy and meat if poss...this will deepen your connection with the cacao medicine.


Also drink plenty of water ahead of the ceremony and for at least 24 hrs after....not a good idea to plan a big night out after ceremony!


PLEASE be aware that we do sometimes go over time so don’t book anything up you have to rush off for.


If you are on any long term medication for blood pressure, heart issues, depression or anxiety PLEASE check your medication as some medication doesnt mix well with cacao....


Exchange: £50 per person

A ceremonial dose of vegan friendly cacao will be offered (42- 47 grms)



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