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MidSummer Solstice Cacao Ceremony, Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation Workshop

Sunday 30th June 16.30-20.30 at St Augustine's Church


As we are moving through to mid summer, this is the time to focus on what you wish to GROW in your life....and HOW you define your own personal success.

This is the time when the light is at its fullest. Inviting us to see where we feel most inspired to focus our passion, energy and efforts over the coming months, in order for us to have a more restful winter time.

Litha, another name for midsummer (Solstice) is the goddess of fertility, power and abundance.
We gather to give thanks for what we HAVE and to shed LIGHT on what else we would like to CoCreate into Beingness
We do require both FIRE (Divine Desire) and WATER (Divine Surrender) in order to GROW things in the physical- what do YOU need more of?

We will explore through our hearts and bodies what is most relevant for us 'to see' in the full light of day.

Celebrating how far we have come, and exhault the practice of 'focusing on the good' through a delicious summer inspired yoga flow.

Then we shall harness this powerful energy through a guided Co Creation meditation, opening up the channels for graceful and easy manifestation of those things we intend to nurture & grow.

Followed by an exquisite crystal bowl sound bath from the lovely Rachelle, where we lie down and soak up the healing vibrations that allow us to release any resistance to that which we are intending.

Only £50 for 4 hour workshop and Cacao.

Here are some questions to contemplate, that we will draw on for inspiration during the opening cacao ceremony:
What do you wish to grow MORE of?
Where would you like to become more powerful?
What ideas, projects and desires do you most want to create?
Where are things NOT shifting that you want a Breakthrough in?
What have you mastered and what are you mastering?

Bring a notebook and pen, a favourite crystal to energise, wear your yoga clothes and avoid eating anything heavy in the morning and lunchtime before the ceremony
Avoid dairy and meat if poss...this will deepen your connection with the cacao medicine.

If you haven't been to a cacao ceremony before it goes something like this:

Opening intention (20 mins)
Drinking of cacao in circle as we introduce ourselves and reflect on intentions (60 mins)
Yoga practice to move stuck stuff (75mins)
Meditation co creation (30 mins)
Sound bath (40 mins)
Closing Circle (15 mins)

Parts of the ceremony may be outside if the weather dictates this is a good idea, so bring something warm for when it gets chilly /hat /non toxic suncream /sun glasses.


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