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St Augustine's Church

Quaker Meeting House

St Swithuns

Loved in Town and Category 2013

Yoga Fertility & Healthy Conception Workshop

This four hour workshop explores the issues around conscious conception.

It is suitable for women who are either wanting to have a baby or feel some strong resistance to becoming pregnant and would like to explore it.

Conceiving a baby is much more than a physiological process. There is an alignment that is required to take place within the woman, her partnership and her deepest desires in order to create safety which is essential for welcoming a new life.

Preparing for a healthy conception by increasing fertility naturally through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, relaxation, communication, exploration and attitude, all help to create an optimal environment for a baby to be conceived.

Exploring the relationship a woman has with herself, her sexuality, her parents and her partner all help to create fertile ground for succesful conception and this workshop provides a nurturing space for this.

Topics include:

  • Postural adjustment for better alignment
  • The link between emotions, beliefs, expectations and physical ailments
  • Yoga asanas for nurturing the womb and ovaries
  • Relaxation techniques that promote deep healing
  • Meditation tools for transforming fear into trust
  • Exploration of lifestyle choices including nutrition, work and sleep habits
  • Relationship and intimacy... made with love and what this means in practise
  • Ancestral patterns and how to dissolve them
  • Moving through limiting beliefs and creating what you desire
  • Welcoming the soul
I attended a fertility workshop with my wife back in April. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of it. Men are often forgotten in the emotions that come with baby making and it was a nice experience to have the day concentrating on us as a couple and what we could do for one another to help us on our journey to become parents. Particularly after experiencing a miscarriage it was nice to learn what else we could to do to help us. We happily fell pregnant 2 weeks after attending the workshop and my wife continued the postures she had learnt in the workshop thought it her first trimester. We are looking forward to becoming first time parents! Thanks!
I was amazed by the amount of information shared in the workshop. I went from feeling hopeless to hopeful - how priceless is that! My impression was that there was a deep honouring of the many ways that woman journey through fertility and the lack of judgement towards how one does the journey was greatly appreciated.

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From 11:00 to 15:00 on 04.06.2017 in St Augustine's Church, Croydon, Surrey

Price: £70.00 (couple)

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