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St Augustine's Church

Quaker Meeting House

St Swithuns

Loved in Town and Category 2013

Happy Healthy Menstrual Cycle & Cycle & Natural Contraception/Fertility Workshop


Want to know how to build a healthy relationship with your womb and take charge of your fertility?

Sunday 18th November 14:00 to 18:00

£45 to secure your place today


This workshop will explore everything a woman needs to know in order to build a healthy relationship with her womb and taking charge of her own fertility, so she can more easily become pregnant IF she wants to and NOT get pregnant if she doesn’t!

What you will learn will also have a very positive affect on your mental health AND sexual pleasure!

Hormonal contraception is wreaking havoc with our gynaecological health, long term health and fertility, when we do actually want to have babies. There really hasn't seemed to be a viable, reliable alternative to these or condoms. till now, women have opted for coping with the long list of side effects that accompany hormone-based contraception, rather than risking an unwanted pregnancy through following the strict protocols of the 'rhythm method'.

During this 4 hour women's workshop we will be looking at known natural methods of tracking your cycle and also all the hidden factors andthat are not often talked about but make a MASSIVE difference in you trusting your body and NOT getting pregnant We will also be looking at how to balance out and minimise PMT/PMS symptoms through simple yoga moves, breathing and sound work that clears internal blockages and builds a healthy relationship between your feelings, thoughts and physical sensations.

A very delicious side effect is that physical symptoms of PMT disappear AND orgasms become more satisfying and pleasurable.

We will be looking at how to develop a healthy relationship with your womb and moontime (menstruation) by intending to harmonise our own cycle with the cycle of the moon (even if its currently much longer/shorter) and what can be done to help that including:

  • Taking oils Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for regulating cycle and reducing pain
  • Supplements for happy & healthy wombs
  • Keeping a moon/mood diary tracking your cervical secretions
  • Sleep habits
  • Foods that are medicine and foods that are not nurturing yourself during your moon time
  • How to exercise during each phase of your cycle
  • Building a healthy relationship with your moon time
  • Learning the language of YOUR body, regardless of external factors that can interfere with usual cycle tracking
  • Connecting your emotional and mental state to the phases of your cycle and planning ahead
  • The role of EDCs in confusing your cycle


Ceremonial grade cacao will be offered to those who want it at the start of the workshop in 35grm doses. Ceremonial cacao is made into a hot chocolate and acts as a wonderful facilitator for intimate group events such as this, deepening trust and a feeling of safety so we can work on the level that is most beneficial for all present.

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