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Birthlight Birth Preparation Yoga Workshop

BirthlightThese sessions have been designed to provide pregnant women and their birthing partners with practical yoga-based skills to help with each stage of labour, in all potential birth scenarios.

Once the parents' natural fears are overcome they can guide their babies into the world with love and trust and, with a partner's loving support, women can experience an 'empowered' birth.

Regardless of whether the birth is natural, assisted, or by C-section, these sessions aim to make the experience of your baby's arrival a  joyful and pleasant one. Each birth takes its own course... yoga helps you to trust yourself, your baby and the process of your body unfolding.

Each workshop is unique as its tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group, so whether this is your first baby or your fifth, there is plenty for you to experience and integrate.

Workshop topics include:

  • Creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere at home or in hospital
  • Dissolving tension and pain at every stage of labour
  • Overcoming fear of birth through body based practices
  • An overview of the physiological process of labour, birth hormones and the role of the birthing partner
  • Preparing for birth with your partner: the emotions and how they affect the hormones of labour....how can you help it to go well?
  • Knowing your pelvis: how your pelvis shape can affect your labour and positive interventions that can help baby through.
  • Comfortable labour and birth positions: discovering what will work for your body and your baby's presentation
  • Breathing techniques for pain relief and to maximise the effect of contractions
  • Massage & relaxation techniques to relieve fear, pain and tension
  • Recognising when you are in labour and when its time to go to hospital/call the Midwife
  • Movement during labour to conserve energy and facilitate the birth
  • The use of rebozo during labour to ease discomfort and help baby down and out
  • Dealing with 'getting stuck' during labour- practical solutions for difficult presentations.
  • Welcoming your baby and gentle birthing...breathing your baby down rather than forceful pushing & straining.
  • Coping with things not going to plan-acceptance and trust

Investment is £50 per person/£80 couple.

For more information, please see Rozy and Vanessa below talking about Induction, Midwifery Training and the Impact of How we Birth:

My husband and I did this and it helped us to see the labour as a team effort. We felt very close after the workshop and had a better understanding of what we could do to help each other through the experience. My husband also came away with some really useful ideas about relaxation through breathing techniques that will help him. It isn't just about pregnancy and birth, Rozy takes a much more complete approach and the workshop is extremely personalised, which you don't get anywhere else.
I would recommend this to everyone. Rosanna went over every kind of breathing exercise and birthing position possible, and taught my husband, all of which came in useful during the birth of my son. A much more realistic approach than the birth preparation classes that I attended at the local hospital.

Aside from the physical preparation, Rozy provided fantastic emotional support and I made some wonderful friends during my few months at pregnancy yoga. Needless to say, I also took baby yoga with my son... he'll be doing handstands in no time!
Natalie Jenssen
I wanted to write and say thank you so much for the birth preparation workshop Paul and I attended a couple of weeks ago. I think we said at the time how useful and interesting we found it - especially my husband who, it's fair to say, had been skeptical about how practical it would be before we went in. We found the workshop environment both supportive and intimate, and your leadership and guidance - as ever - inspiring and empowering.
I would like to thank you for all the help at yoga sessions especially at the birth prep class. Steve my husband was amazing during labour and he used most of the techniques we learnt at the prep class. I definitely recommend it to others. Please share the good news. I feel that joining InJoy has helped me enjoy my pregnancy more and kept me fit and healthy throughout my term. Mum and baby are looking forward to join the baby nurture class soon. Warm regards,
Trist and I found the Prep for Birth workshop a really useful and reassuring session. This is our first baby and we came away from the workshop feeling much more confident about what to expect when our baby decides to arrive. It was especially helpful for Trist as the partner to give him a much clearer idea on what he can do to help and be more involved. It was full of really reassuring advice and also practical tips that I know we'll be using when the day arrives. Thanks so much- that session combined with attending the pregnancy yoga regularly has really made me feel far more confident about giving birth and about the decisions we are making around the birth.
Jane and Tristan
Baby was born on Sunday - his due date! 7lb 14 I had him completely naturally in the water at the birth centre at st George's. it was the hardest thing and most amazing thing ever and although it didn't feel like it at the time the midwife said I really breathed him out! So thanks to the yoga and Rozys birth workshop for that :)
Easily the best four hours spent on a Sunday afternoon! Everything I needed to know was explained and demonstrated in friendly and comfortable surroundings. All I was taught by Rozy massively supported my role during the labour as the birth partner. I'm so grateful to Rozy for all the handy tips along the way!
Anne Hobbs
Just to let you know, Lily was born Sunday 16th Oct at 10.48am - 6lbs 11oz (6days early). We are both doing really well and Lily has almost put back on her birth weight, she is feeding well and a contented baby.
Although there was more intervention that I would have liked, Lilys actual birth was amazing!.. I had to be induced early, due to a redistribution of blood flow, I was given a sweep on the Friday, then a pessary on Saturday and then my waters were broken on the Sunday morning..they did have to do quite a few VE but I tried to keep these to a minimum, asking the midwives to only do it when it was very necessary, and I did try and stay mobile as possible although the constant monitoring made it a bit challenging, I only had a bit of gas and air, and manage to slow down when needed and therefore did not need any stitches!!! And I had very minimal blood loss, Michael and my mum and michaels mum were all there at Lilys birth, and it really ment a lot to them all and it was great for them to be a part of it. So a great big thank you for helping myself and Michael prepare for the birth of our beautiful daughter

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