Scalar Waves, Intention and Tissue

What are scalar waves? They are, quite simply, 'thought' waves! Here is the science bit:

Scalar waves are totally generated by nervous ganglia within the cardiac muscle. The strength (gauss & Hz) is dependent on intention (with emotion) signalled from the frontal cortex of the brain. Roughly 30% of the cortex function is emotion related.

Distance is irrelevant when scalar waves are transmitted with emotion. The wave is superluminal (i.e. faster than light) because of the magnetic component, and there is no attenuation with distance or obstructions.

EFT is a method of high enhancement of the intention (amplification).

Tachyon energy enhances further if local to the area to be healed, especially if combined with smoky quartz.

Scalar waves are quantum and therefore not epi-genetic. The waves are received directly by the DNA which reacts in a quantum manner.

How do they relate to yoga and happiness? How about the idea that our emotions and thoughts are so powerful, that they do in fact travel and have an effect on those they relate to?

So when we send a prayer to someone, or think of them with love and happiness, this has a positive effect on them.

Equally this is a good contemplation for being mindful of what we think of others. If thoughts carry then may we choose our thoughts wisely. Yogies believe in karma - that what goes around, comes around - so when we think well of others and wish them the best, this is beneficial to them and also our own experience of life.

Ahimsa (no harming, or violence) is the first ethical observation (yama) of a yogi, and this means no harming in thought, word or action, towards ourselves or others.

Scalar wave theory gives some weight to this ancient yogic wisdom, which is also reflected in many other spiritual paths and religions and the spiritual laws mentioned in InJoy Wealth.