Yoga and Spiritual Laws

If you like to see relevance and meaning in the world around you, yoga offers you a wonderful opportunity for doing so.

Anusara yoga philosophy is rooted in Tantric Cosmology. A simple correlation is that of the 3 basic laws of the universe and the 3 As of Anusara yoga:

Attraction = Attitude

Deliberate Creation = Alignment

Allowing = Action

Your attitude to life will influence your experience of it, whether this is how you approach a particular yoga asana or your most intimate relationships.

To deliberately create something you must align with your intention. To practise a balancing asana well you must align your body well and create secure foundations for the perfect balance.

To create a new more satisfying career you must discover what it is you want to feel in your job and align with it. If you focus on how much you hate your current job you will only create more opportunities to hate any new job! Accepting you would like a change of employment but are grateful for the employment you have, aligns you with gratitude which opens the door to more to be grateful for. Believing you deserve to have a more satisfying career aligns you with the potential to create it.

Allowing others to have their own experience and not judging them for it whilst keeping focused on what you want to experience and taking guided positive action helps you achieve what you seek to create = Action.

On the yoga mat this means making sure you have set an intention for what you want to feel (strong, balanced, calm, centred etc), aligning with that intention through consciously setting your physical body into the optimal foundation for the asana  and focusing your mind on the quality you seek to experience in the fullness of the pose. Finally the action is in the applying of your will (energy) to achieve the intention - how much force do you need to exert to achieve your goal?