The Spiritual Law of Abundance

Look around you. Wherever you look you will see an abundance of something. Nature is in herself abundant. Where a tree flowers and fruits, it does so abundantly.

When rain falls, it does so abundantly, be that as a drizzle or as a storm.

When a tornado hits, it does so with great abundance, and such abundance can be catastrophic.

If you drive down an affluent street you will find an abundance of of expensive cars and houses.

Go to a deprived neighborhoud and you will find an abundance of poverty.

Go to a pub and you will find an abundance of people gathering to drink!

Go to a yoga class and you'll discover an abundance of people tuning into themselves, each other and the most high.

The currents of life are ever flowing abundantly and you can choose which current you tune into. There are currents of fear, anger, depression and poverty - just as there are currents of joy, prosperity, peace, hope, health, happiness and bliss. How you determine which current you are hooked into is down to observing where you focus your attention in your life - on the things you enjoy, or the experiences you endure.

Is your focus and perception tuned into 'not having' rather than 'having'? What beliefs about abundance have your family, friends and culture imprinted you with?

A lovely healer friend Annie Webb once said 'noticing fixes more than fixing'. What this means is that by observing what's going on in your thoughts and feelings, you can discover what beliefs are most heavily influencing you, and just in that noticing and observation you start to effect change. If you are obsessed with 'fixing things' then your focus is on what's broken more than what is whole. If you want to experience wholeness, focus on it and what you believe it would feel like, rather than on why you are not whole!

Get the picture? What you focus on grows, so learn to develop the self discipline to shift your focus. Yoga helps you to do this.