Skincare & Other Products

There are an alarming number of toxic chemicals used in everyday personal care, cosmetic and household products. It is not only the ingredients on their own that may be harmful, but also the combined effect of those ingredients together.

How toxic is your body? How can you minimise your overall toxicity? The answer is simple!


Choose food that is beneficial to your health - see our vitality tips.

Hair & Skin

Choose products for your hair and skin that are non toxic, organic - or both. InJoy-Yoga loves the products that Neways produce for the bathroom - shampoo, conditioner, bubblebath, shower gel and deodorant. All these products are super concentrated so a little goes a long way, and they are very reasonably priced and free from any known harmful ingredients. Whats best about them is that they can be used for the whole family (including babies!) as they are free from harmful ingredients that may cause irritation. To order these products you can become a prefered customer for free and order online. If you would like to find out more about why we endorse Neways, then read the information attached. We really rate their sun cream too!

Find locally-sourced skincare products if possible and check the ingredients whether they are organic or not. Local health food stores stock a wide variety of wonderful organic and bio dynamic products for babies, children and adults.


And what about makeup and nail polish? We've found the best of these too!

For a list of harmful ingredients to avoid download the Neways information sheet above and take it with you to your local health food store, or look online at for the most complete ingredient information we've found.