Your Mirror

Simply put, from a holistic and yogic perspective, we are all mirrors of each other!

Have you ever wondered why the things you most don't like in others are really the same qualities you don't like much in yourself?

Here is another point of contemplation:

How can we have peace with our enemies if we cannot have peace with our loved ones?

Think about it! We put on our airs and graces for the 'new client' or 'job interview' or 'meeting the in laws', but what do we do behind closed doors with our partners, parents, siblings and children?

Do we spend time communicating gracefully or blurt out whatever quick fired response comes out of our mouths in reaction to what we hear?

Another point to contemplate: It is impossible to be unkind and unloving to others if you are loving and kind to yourself.

If you come across someone angry, then maybe there's some anger inside you that needs to be acknowledged and released.

If someone cheat you, then maybe there are aspects in your life where you are cheating yourself.

If you keep attracting 'needy' friends, then maybe there are some neediness issues of your own you may want to address?

This is what it means to see life and all those in it as your mirror.

Take it a step further and, in line with tantric yoga philosophy, see everyone and everything as divine in essential nature. Yes, even war and suffering. Why? Because consciousness is everywhere, as is love, but some may choose not to be conscious of themselves or loving to themselves or others. We each have free will to act in line with life or not, but in essential nature we are all life (otherwise we wouldn't be living!). So though war and suffering are aspects of the divine/supreme consciousness, they are out of balance aspects of the divine (life). They are not life-affirming and thus not in line with the divine!

Can you take the time to see the good in others? Can you also take the time to see the good in yourself? In yoga we recognise that what we focus on grows. Keep looking out for trouble and you will find it, keep looking out for good and it will reveal itself to you!

Making yourself an observer rather than a judger or victim of what's going on in your life is deeply empowering. You start to have choice in your world! And where there is choice there is the freedom to choose...