Relationship Therapy

Conflict styles and how you react are essential in learning how to navigate the path of the troubled times in your relationship. From what is happening and why, inside your body, to what to do about it when you feel pain, is a matter of education. We don’t learn how to have intimate relationships at school and must find out by trial and error, but with relationship education you will find out the things you didn’t know just by being in a relationship. 

Your relationship space is rather like the garden that you nurture and plant seeds for the growth of connection and love. It’s defined as the energy and space between you and it’s quality depends on what you put into it with your words and body language. Focusing on this space will encourage you to put into rather than take out of your relationship, to help it grow.

Authenticity is essential to your happiness in any relationship. You were created to live and love authentically and to be who you really are but sadly many of us have morphed ourselves to get love and approval often from childhood and painful programming and conditioning affects our relationships until we can find the tools to help let go of the past.

The most important thing to learn is how to create safety for your partner, and they for you, so you can both become who you want to be. This is done through learning communication tools to help you navigate the waters of conflict.

Are you a maximiser or minimiser when you find yourself in conflict with your partner ? Learn why you tend to react as you do and the impact it has on your partner and how to find a safe space to take the heat out of conflict where you can both be heard and understood.

Childhood and any negative experiences from the past have a huge influence on who you choose to have relationships with, in adulthood. Mostly unconscious choices will attract us to the people that embody mainly the negative traits of our parents as well as the positive ones. The purpose of this is to heal any old "wounds" and grow from the past by creating the same conditions as were experienced in childhood. Our inner drive is for wholeness keeps us searching for completion so we won’t experience inner conflict and pain.