Relationship Patterns

Symbiotic relationships - these are the ones where each person is getting something out of the relationship but it feels unhealthy. One maybe giving more and one taking more for example.

Like a ferris wheel turning you may be feeling your relationship going round in circles but certain issues never seem to get sorted out. The high moments may seem less and less and the low moments more and more. Communication styles and an unwillingness to change will eventually wear away love and so many of the good things that once brought you together. Learning to dialogue in a different way will help you to break habits and patterns from the past and bring you closer together for a happier healthier relationship.

Men and women are very different in their approach to communication in relationships and two 'styles' tend to attract each other. In childhood we learn adaptive behaviours according to how much love and attention we get from our parents and when we feel unsafe in any negative situations we try and protect ourselves by either shutting down and moving away from potential conflict or overbearing on others to try and be heard and understood. Women, in the main, tend to want to connect and talk to their partners about what is wrong and men, in the main, avoid too much talking and would rather move away from the scene and do something else. A great deal of misunderstanding on both sides can create a wide chasm in a relationship when in effect both sides are just trying to protect themselves and want to get to a place of safety within.