Creating What You Want

Always think "what is it I can give to my relationships?" rather than "what can I take from my relationships to make me happy?" When we consistently strive to get our needs met we will always come up against resistance from others. Creating an environment of giving and sharing in any relationship is the key to lasting happiness.

Self awareness and responsibility for your actions will help create the right relationships for you. Take time to observe yourself each day in your interactions with other people in your life. Watch their reactions to what you say and how you act. This is the key to real self awareness and gives you the ability to be able to change what you are doing or saying if needs be. It is not about pandering to others but noticing the essence of your interactions. 

Set boundaries for yourself. You create a boundary around your house and garden and would not allow others to come ploughing through it at will. In the same way you have perfect right to show people how far you are willing to go and allow them, in order to preserve yourself

Allow yourself to be authentic in every relationship. If you can't be who you are then what is the point in life? Illness and other emotional / mental conditions are often triggered by adapting yourself to who others want you to be, in order to get love and approval.

Know that conflict in your relationships is only healing and growth trying to happen in you. When we experience inner pain triggered by what someone else has said or done we often want to blame or argue or run away from it. But these 'snakebites' of pain are a sign that something deep within you requires attention and healing. They will often be a result of negative childhood or life path experiences. With the right care and help, happiness is always at the end along with relief from old chains and patterns.

Learn how to communicate how you feel about life either good or bad. If you explain how you feel to others rather than blame then you are on the right path to a conscious and happy life

Try not to have too many expectations of others. We are all so very different in nature and fall in love with people initially because of our differences but having expectations of how someone should be to make you happy will cause endless pain. The beauty of loving someone is allowing them to be just as they are. If you keeping expecting then where in yourself are you expecting too much?

Know that good and bad are part of the cycle of life, just as day turns to night. Our world is fixated on trying to find happiness in love particularly, which can lead to resistance of the not so good things that happen which are part of everyday life. Go with the flow as much as possible. It's far easier !

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