The Three Ss

Self awareness

everything in the reality of your life landscape comes down to what you put into it. The quality of your life and the people in it are a direct reflection of you. See everyone as a mirror to your inner world. What they say and do and how you react is for your learning. Everyone, without fail, is a teacher for us !


take time for you, everyday and find something to do that nurtures your happiness. Many of us experience alot of daily demands from others just to make sure life runs smoothly, but little self time depletes our energy and reserves and ultimately our happiness


life has many twists and turns and each day is very different from the last. Changes and sometimes ones that don’t feel very good are part of the cycle of life. In many ways we have no control over our lives even though we think we do so surrendering to “what is” is the best we can do. If we argue with and resist reality then we suffer ultimately. Not easy to do but with gentle nurturing self practise we can achieve happiness by going with the flow as much as possible.

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