Gradual Changes Towards Vitality and Health

Start with the changes you know you can make without it feeling like deprivation.

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Reduce the amount you eat of something and try switching, say from normal chocolate to organic chocolate (it's more expensive so you have to eat less!), or from instant coffee to filter coffee, etc.

Jaggery (Gur), Maple Syrup, Honey and Fruit sugar are great alternatives to real sugar and can be used to make cakes, biscuits, etc.

The only way to overcome something is to gradually exchange unhealthy addictions with healthy ones. I would argue that everything we love, including God, is an addiction as it's a predisposition towards a certain behaviour or mindset. We have to stop seeing our desires as bad, but try to understand how what we choose to do makes us feel. That way we start choosing things that feel good to us.

Change is generally best when it is gradual; you should consider your budget as well as your preferences.

Having support from others will help a lot. Get the whole family behind the idea if you possibly can.

It's OK to have treats (even MSG!) - what is important is that you consume enough good stuff to counteract the bad stuff. That way you won't feel guilty when you give yourself a naughty treat.

Opting to exercise more, even as a family, is vital to help shift toxins and restore health in the gut. This is where cardiovascular exercise comes into itself - swimming, cycling etc. It always works best when combined with yoga to stretch out muscles and align. It's the movement that helps with lymph drainage. Why not try dancing, skipping, trampolining, and getting out in nature to boost oxygen levels, release endorphins and feel really good?

Drink LOTS of water. It is essential to eliminating waste products (toxins) from your body and helping your organs to function fully, regenerating rather than slowly degenerating. Please note that flavoured waters are really not the answer. They are usually flavoured with artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or sugar - and none of these are good for you.

Eat at list one raw salad a day, including as many leafy greens as possible. Dress with organic olive oil and lemon juice rather than ready made dressings.

Learn about alkaline foods and how important they are in your diet. These alkalize your blood which is essential for preventing disease.

Learn to forgive. It helps you to let go of what you don't need and embrace what you do.

Getting over judgment is the big problem. This is what seems to cause all illness. We judge ourselves and everything we do according to what we think others think of us.

Most people don't know how they really feel about anything; they have never been encouraged to search their heart for the truth.

So we should stop judging foods as good or bad, as others have told us, and begin to understand how what we eat makes us feel.

Obesity is not just down to MSG. All illness has to be dealt with emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for us to be truly free of its ill effects.

BUT... being given up-to-date information is essential, as is passing it on!