How do your Health and Genes Interact?

There is one man who has pioneered research in the field of emotions, genes and health: his name is Bruce Lipton.

What we learned in our textbooks at school and even at university is out of date. Alopathic medicine (what we know today as the 'wonder' of modern medicine( is based on an old understanding of genes.

Thankfully the truth is far more liberating and empowering than the dogma of 'primacy of DNA'; that genes play a causal role in controlling biological expression and behaviour by the ability they have to turn on or off.

This perspective is one of 'genetic determinacy'; the idea that our lives are predetermined by the hardwiring of gene programs. Any deviation or alteration in physiology are explained away as genetic defects or mutations.

Bruce Lipton and many other scientists contrast this belief with research that shows organismal expression is dynamically and intimately intertwined with environmental cues.

Instead of the nucleus of a cell being considered its 'brain', it is now suggested that it's infact the cell membrane that is the brain of a cell, and what tells the cell how to behave and reproduce according to the external environment it is in.

There is far more on this subject written by Dr. Lipton and his research has far reaching implications for health and for the well being and health of future generations.