Your Attitude to your Health

Attitude is likened to the first spiritual law of ATTRACTION: that which you think about, you create!

If you walk around fearing that because your grandmother had cancer and your mother had cancer that you will get cancer, then you are creating a greater chance of developing such an illness.

Why? Because when you spend lots of time worrying about and fearing your future, your body is in a heightened state of stress. Blood moves away from your vital organs and towards your limbs, in case you need to fight, flight or freeze.

This lowers your immune system as less blood is available to carry toxins for elimination from your vital organs via your blood stream, and elimination through the bowel and bladder becomes less effective. You literally hold on to what you need to let go of!

There is also the out of date belief that we have no control over our genes, so if cancer, diabetes, IBS or eczma is in the family then we are doomed.

Scientists now recognise that nature (genes) and nurture (how you live your life) both contribute to your long term health.

Think in terms of precursors and protagonists. The precursor may be the diabetes gene but the protagonist is whether you eat lots of sugar and have poor dietary and exercise habits.

How healthy you are is really up to you! If you believe that life stinks, then guess what? It will.

If you believe that eating 10 apples a day is a cure all, it probably will be.

There is a lot of research out there today about what foods keep you healthy and what foods make you sick. There is also a lot of information on environmental pollutants, occupational health, and lifestyle choices that encourage wellbeing.

No one suggests you need to be a saint in order to enjoy health. Every illness and injury is an opportunity to become more conscious about what suits your body and to make healthier choices, not to mention growth in personal awareness.

You could live the healthiest existence externally but have a really bad attitude to yourself, your fellow humans and your environment. That bad attitude is poison to your body! This is why good health starts with a good attitude: to yourself, to your fellow earth inhabitants and to earth too.

Please explore the self development parts of this site to help you shift and overcome limiting beliefs and thoughts. Whatever is in your past, you have the power of NOW to change things for the better Yoga is an amazing health giving practise. Why not give it a go to support your new attitude of health and wellbeing? InJoy Yoga classes are held in South Croydon and Coulsdon. Why don't you come and give it a go?