Tapping Points

EFT Tapping Points

The sequence you use the tapping points with EFT are different depending on whether you are wanting to clear a negative belief or plant a positive seed (statement of intent or affirmation).

The image to the right shows the tapping points. You can also download a larger tapping point diagram.

To clear a negative belief:

1. Always start with the karate chop point on side of hand and repeat "Even though (state problem/emotion)... I deeply love and accept myself." Make sure you say the statement three times before moving to other points.

2. For complete instructions on how to use tapping in this instance go to Clearing Limiting Beliefs.

3. Use this method if you find yourself churning over an emotion that it seems as though you have no apparent control over.

To plant a positive seed (work with affirmations):

1. Leave out the karate chop point and start at the tapping point in diagram that is the inner eyebrow.

2. Do at least two rounds of all tapping points (excluding the karate chop), saying the positive statement you want to work with at least once at each point.

3. Make sure you tap gently seven times at each point!

e.g. "I now choose to feel positive and happy about myself!"

More affirmations for day to day life can be found on our Affirmations page.

Once you get the hang of tapping you can use anything you are feeling or thinking negatively about as an opportunity to turn it on its head and create something positive out of it!

Fpr example, you notice you are worrying about money so you turn it around and say "Life is abundant and prosperous!" or "I prosper wherever I turn", or "Money comes to me from everywhere and everyone".