For Clearing Negative Beliefs / Emotional Blocks:

EFT Tapping PointsThe image to the right shows the tapping points. You can also download a larger tapping point diagram.

1. Start at the karate chop point (outside edge of hand in line with little finger).

2. Rate the emotion you are feeling from 1 (mild) to 10 (very strong).

3. Say the statement "Even though I feel (state emotion and what it relates to), I deeply love and accept myself."

4. Repeat three times, all the while tapping gently on the outside edge of your hand.

5. Now follow the points along the attached diagram and make sure you tap gently at least seven times on each point whilst stating the emotion you are feeling e.g. "I'm very angry; I'm really, really angry."

6. Do two complete rounds of the points on diagram, leaving out the karate chop!

7. Take a moment to be silent and tune in to how you're now feeling. See if the intensity of the emotion has lessened, or if another emotion has come up.

8. Repeat points 1-7 until either you reach a point where the emotion is no longer bothering you, or you have tapped out other emotions that have come up, and you have experienced some emotional release (sighing, laughing, crying, whatever comes up!)

9. You may want to journal your experiences so you can see how your journey through your emotions is progressing, and notice the improvements that are being made.

Tapping is something to do whenever you feel a strong and difficult emotion come up. It takes time to clear all the neuropathways connecting negative emotions to memories and current emotional triggers, but you will soon notice that you feel much better!

It is also deeply empowering to have something practical to do when something challenging comes up.