My body is healthy, fit and energized
I listen with love to all my body's messages
My healing is already in process
I honour my body and take good care of it
I love and appreciate my body
I make healthy choices
I enjoy the foods that are the best for my body
I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health
Perfect health is my Divine right and I claim it now
I am grateful for my healthy body


I am worthy of money
Money is coming into my life
My work is deeply fulfilling
I focus on attracting abundance
I turn every experience into an opportunity
I now lovingly create a wonderful new job/career
I am open and receptive to new avenues of income
My income is constantly increasing
I prosper where ever I turn
Wonderful doors are opening for me all the time


I live in happiness and joy
My future is glorious
I am deeply fulfilled in all that I do
I am in the process of positive change
I radiate love and love fills my life
I am free to be myself
I am safe in the universe and all life loves and supports me
I enjoy every breath of life

Contributor: Pauline Sarit