Tips for Green Living

At InJoy! we love doing the little things that make a big difference. Our planet is our global body and deserves to be treated with love and respect, the same way we are meant to love our own bodies.

Below are a few suggestions for ways to make your world a little greener! Please do get get in touch with us with any more green ideas you would like to share. We will add them to our list!

  • Walk to class when possible and use a good supportive sling that promotes good alignment of both mother and baby. We highly recommend the 'Hana wrap' for younger babies and Ergo slings or Maitai slings for older babies and toddlers which can be purchased through us.
  • We highly recommend checking Facebook for local Croydon 'sling meets' where you can go and find out all about the benefits of baby wearing and swap slings, or pick up second hand ones.
  • It is also a great idea to car pool and thus spend more time with your friends and save money on petrol which helps the green cause!
  • Use cloth nappies and a local pick up laundry service where available. Details of both can be found through The Real Nappy Network.
  • Use biodegradable disposable nappies that can be found through various online stockists.
  • Use water to wash your baby after a nappy change and organic cotton wool. Nappy wipes contain toxic chemicals that can aggravate your baby's skin, and most high street brands are not biodegradable. Look out for non-toxic eco wipes that are soft on nature and on skin and only use them when out and about.
  • It is obviously very eco-friendly to breastfeed as there is no wastage and no energy consumed to provide a healthy hot meal for baby on demand, except for the food Mum needs to eat! However, in instances when formula feeding is necessary it is so much healthier for your baby and the environment to consider an organic formula such as Hipp Organic or Cow & Gate organic. The fact that no herbicides or pesticides or antibiotics are used on the grass the cows eat, or the cows themselves means that this is less of an impact on the delicate ecosystem of our environment and also less of a negative impact on the delicate ecosystem of your baby's digestive track.
  • Even better, as goats milk is so much closer to breast milk in its make up, try the 'Nanny' goats milk formula that you can purchase from Authentic Roots, or any other good health food store. The milk proteins in cows milk are far bigger than breast or goats milk and so are harder for babies to break down. This can lead to lactose intolerance problems. Just switching to organic formula can eradicate eczma, reduce colic and reflux, improve digestion, reduce constipation and make for a much happier baby! Please discuss option with your care provider and look online at parent forums to help you make informed decisions
  • Once your baby is eating solids, consider an organic vegetable box scheme such as Riverford or Able & Cole so you can make purees up and freeze them for on hand organic ready meals! If you are breastfeeding still, eating organic vegetables yourself with improve the vitamin and mineral content of your breast milk!
  • Anything that goes in your babies mouth,from toys, to teethers and bottles really need to be free of hazardous chemicals found in common plastics and some paints. The home grown Croydon Company VUP was founded by one of our clients in order to provide a non toxic alternative to what is commonly found on the high street. All products are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. No gender bending chemicals for our babies!!!
  • Discover the world of non toxic cosmetics that are soft on nature and safe for your skin. Choose from the ranges we love: Absolutely Pure, Bare Minerals, and the Neways ranges.
  • Choose toiletries and house hold cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment. We particularly love Neways and Neals Yard. You can purchase Neways through our site and also Neal’s Yard is coming soon!
  • Our InJoy T-Shirts and Vests are 100% organic and fair-trade, made by Rapanui Clothing
  • We promote products that are any of the following: ethical, fair-trade, organic, and/or non toxic. This way they are better for the environment and better for you!