Hypnotherapy for Fear of Birth

8 out of 10 women experience some kind of fear around birth (Mongan Method Hypnobirthing statistic).

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant way of bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the unconscious mind and all the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that create our feelings around birth. With hypnosis, these can be changed so that our expectations of birth dramatically shift to more positive ones. This has a direct affect on the physiology of both mother and baby.

In yoga we recognise that fear manifests as tension in the body (tight muscles) and this tension manifests as a greater experience of pain. We want to reverse this!

There are several hypnosis for birth methods about today so we offer you here three to consider:

1. Inner Power Hypnobirthing Technique
2. Natal Hypnotherapy CDs
3. Mongan Method Hypnotherapy

Here are some of the benefits.

1. Inner Power Hypnobirthing Technique

The Inner Power Hypnobirthing technique helps you to

  • Enjoy pregnancy and wonderfully natural childbirth
  • Relax and be calm and in control
  • Stay focused on the process that your body is going through and be in tune with what your body and your intuition are telling you
  • Become healthier and fitter
  • Control or reduce pain without drugs
  • Enjoy better quality sleep
  • Reduce weight after the birth easily
  • Promote rapid healing and recovery
  • Improve your confidence as a mother
  • Breastfeed easily
  • Feel great after the birth with all the energy you need
  • Have tools and techniques that last you all your life, not just for pregnancy and childbirth

To find out more about Inner Power Hypnotherapy contact Paola Bagnall.

2. Natal Hypnotherapy CDs

These are a wonderful resource and tool for overcoming anxieties and fear during pregnancy and also in preparing for birth. Natal Hypnotherapy CDs are highly effective (97% of women recommend them) and there is a CD for everyone! These include separate CDs to aid conception,  overcome morning sickness, relax during pregnancy, and prepare for birth (whether a home birth, in a labour ward or birthing centre, one baby or twins) as well as CDs to support breastfeeding and postnatal recovery.

All that is required to get maximum benefit from each CD is to make time to listen to it! For busy women it can be played on an iPod whilst commuting, though ideally some time taken to rest and enjoy is recommended.

Women often choose to play their CD when they wake up at night as a way of getting back to sleep, or it can be listened to once home from work in order to relax, get a mini rest and elongate the evening hours available to spend with partner and family.

At InJoy we highly recommend a 20 minute relaxation every day and the benefits of this are equivalent to around 3 hrs normal sleep. A handy tip is to make sure you eat something on the way home from your day so that the first thing you can do when you get in is to get comfortable, lie down and listen to your Natal-Hypnotherapy CD. Then you will feel more energised to take on the evening activities, whatever they may be!

Partners really benefit from listening to the CDs with you, and of course your baby will thoroughly enjoy the time you take as a couple to be together and connect with your little one in such a positive way.

To find out more about each CD please do visit www.natal-hypnotherapy.co.uk, and if you would like to purchase CDs from our classes we stock the 'pregnancy relaxation' and 'birth preparation' CDs at present.

3. Mongen Method Hypnotherapy

What HypnoBirthing® can do for you

HypnoBirthing dramatically reduces the discomfort felt during labour as women are encouraged to work with their body, not against it.

HypnoBirthing® reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical anaesthesia, episiotomy, and other interventions, such as inductions and Caesarean sections.

It lessens fatigue during labour, leaving the mother feeling fresh, awake and energised as she brings her baby into the world. It shortens the first stage of labour, in which the cervix thins and dilates, by several hours and allows the birthing mother to use the natural pulsations of her body to breathe her baby down to the crowning stage, rather than pushing for long, exhausting periods of time.

It encourages bonding between the baby, mother and father/birth companion, before, during and after birth.

It almost entirely eliminates postnatal discomfort and 'baby blues'.

What you'll learn in HypnoBirthing®

You'll be taught three breathing techniques: the first, called Sleep Breathing, is used to take you into a state of hypnotic relaxation and is used between uterine surges (contractions). The second, called Slow Breathing, will help your body work with each uterine surge. And the third, Birth Breathing, is used to help your baby down the birth path when he or she is being born.

You'll learn how to make yourselves very deeply relaxed through self-hypnosis using the Rainbow Relaxation Script. You'll also learn different visualisations to help your cervix open naturally, and affirmations that will help you stay wonderfully relaxed during birth.

You'll learn how to reduce your risk of needing an episiotomy with a stunningly simple massage technique. You'll also be taught another easy-to-learn massage technique called Light Touch Massage which acts like a TENS machine and releases pain-killing endorphins, which are 200 times more powerful than morphine.

You'll get help in constructing a birth plan, and find out about natural ways of getting the birth started if it's delayed, stops or slows down.

There are also sections on nutrition, bonding with your baby, and positions you can adopt during birthing as well as exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles you'll use during the birth.

We highly recommend Lisa Jackson as a Mongen Method Hypnotherapist. Please do get in touch with her if you'd like to find out more about what she offers.