Pregnancy and Birth

Tamara Donn specialises in EFT for women, especially during the transition to motherhood. She has several websites that focus on helping women during the transition from woman to mother.

On her site she talks about the impact that pregnancy can have on your emotions. She says:

Pregnancy and birth are a very special time in a woman's life.

When you first find out you are pregnant, a whole range of emotions can come streaming into your consciousness. If the pregnancy wasn’t planned you may be shocked or confused. Even if the pregnancy was planned you may be experiencing these feelings in addition to joy, excitement, apprehension and possibly relief if conception took a while.

It is common in our society to keep the pregnancy a secret for the first 3 months. This may feel good or it may feel like a burden when you really want to talk about how you are feeling and the changes that are happening to you.  EFT is a wonderful tool for balancing emotions and releasing negative feelings.

You can also find our about Birth Art and dealing constructively with emotions during pregnancy.

How you feel when you are pregnant directly influences your baby's physical and emotional development. Though some stress is necessary in order to develop brain functions fully, too much stress is harmful to you both. You cant help how you feel, but you can learn how to change what you feel so as you minimise the negative impact on you both and lay new foundations for a happier disposition.