Great on line videos on how to tap and what to tap on:

Pauline Sarit

Pauline Sarit has developed novel ways of combining EFT with other similar therapies, such as NLP, and is always working on making methods faster, easier and more effective to use.

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Tamara Donn

Tamara Donn, AAMET-accredited EFT practitioner and childbirth educator offers one-to-one treatments and workshops using the amazing technique of EFT to treat fears, trauma, blocks, anxiety, anger, physical pain and so much more.

She is a general EFT practitioner with specialities including:

Tamara uses it in her work as a fertility, pregnancy and motherhood mentor with great success, as well as in many other areas.

She is the founder of the Birth Art Cafe, trains birth professionals to run Birth Art Cafes as well as running them herself.

The Birth Art Cafe are weekly gatherings to explore the motherhood journey through relaxtion and creativity.

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