Positive Seeds (Affirmations)

Using positive statements of intent helps to shift limiting thoughts, memories & beliefs, often unconscious, that can be preventing you from feeling safe enough to conceive.

What you focus on grows, and if most of your subconscious or conscious thoughts convey a negative image of pregnancy, birth and/or motherhood, this will be contributing to any fertility issues you are experiencing.

Affirmations work by re programming the subconscious mind to make more positive connections (neuro pathways) around a particular issue. The body quite literally reacts to what the brain tells it via biofeedback. Positive thinking works by creating more favourable conditions on a cellular level to promote what is desired, by making conscious and releasing that which is not aligned with that intent.

Mantra is an ancient form of 'affirmation' where a certain  internal vibration is achieved through the repetition of specific seed sounds and combinations of those sounds. This works in a slightly different way to statements of intent as it bypasses the conscious mind by working with sounds rather than words. The effect is felt without a cognitive evaluation of whether the statement is 'believed' or not.

EFT works both by clearing limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories and also planting positive seeds (statements of intent). Combining the practise of tapping on meridian points (EFT) along with making a positive statement (affirmation), makes that statement a lot more powerful in that it penetrates deeper into the subconscious mind. This culminates in faster results! Using positive imagery, sound and affirmations is even more effective.

Here are a couple of statements you can start with. Notice how your body feels after you make the statement and what thoughts come up in response to saying the statements. These may be feelings and thoughts you need to release from your cellular memory in order to create more fertile ground.

Please look at the tapping points you can use to make your affirmations more effective.

Affirmations for healthy conception:

  • I feel safe and secure about being a Mum
  • My womb is full of love and peace
  • I deeply love and accept myself
  • Life supports me in everyway. I trust life
  • I am strong and I am powerful. I trust myself and my body
  • I love my body. I nourish myself in every way
  • My instincts connect me to nature's rhythms. I flow with life
  • I give thanks for the life that chooses me
  • I welcome my baby and accept my gift
  • Love greets me, meets me and feeds me in everyone and everything.
  • I give and receive with ease. Life's a breeze.
  • It is safe for me to let go. The past is done.
  • My partner and I are connected and content.
  • I am a mirror of love for all I see and all who see me.
  • I nurture and nourish my partner. My partner nurtures and nourishes me.
  • My breath is life. I accept my breath