EFT for Conception: Clearing Blocks

Are you considering the possibility of having a baby?

Deciding whether or not to become a mother and have children is a big decision in the modern world.  In times gone by, it was simply the next stage in a woman’s life but now it is more of a choice.  EFT is a great tool to help get clarity and heal any blocks to wanting/ not wanting that choice.

Are you planning to become parents in the next couple of years?

Although many couples conceive effortlessly and quickly without any problems, increasingly nowadays more and more couples are experiencing difficulties and worry about their fertility.

Although statistically, it is said that the average time taken to conceive is 6-12 months many couples nowadays take longer. There are many contributing factors such as age, smoking,alcohol intake accumulation of heavy metals in the body to mention but a few.

EFT can help with preparing for conception by releasing any fears and beliefs about becoming a mother and having a baby.  It is also wise to give your baby the best possible start in life by preparing yourselves as future parents. After all, a gardener would not plant a seed without preparing the soil. Some suggestions are:

  • Test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Check for heavy metals
  • check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Identify and reduce stress
  • Improve diet
  • Keep fit
  • Discuss feelings about becoming a parent with your partner

Contributor: Tamara Donn