Mother Love

Being pregnant is like a super fast path of evolution where you grow more emotionally (and physically!) than at any other point in your  life. Your breath is your reminder to stay focused on this moment, and to make the connection that babies don't need you to be perfect, they just need you to be willing to love and be loved.

Choose your Program

In order to step into the experience of pregnancy it can be helpful to think of anything you haven't experienced yet as a program that is required for download. If you've seen the first Matrix film, then you will remember that part of Neo's training involved downloading programs into his brain to allow him to be able to be proficient in things he had never experienced before.

So, in pregancy, what sort of program do you want to run? Wherever you are on your journey now, download into your conscious mind the imagery you wish to create. What does having achieved what you want, look, sound and feel like?

Visualise yourself as a Mother

If you want to be a sensitive, loving and nurturing mother, imagine what this may look like and feel like. Do you know anyone who is as you would like to be? When trying to attract what you want, it's useful to be around others who you believe to exemplify your intention. Let yourself learn by osmosis!

Acting as if you are pregnant is a wonderful way of preparing your body, heart and mind for what is to come. When a baby is grown, the mother makes space. This means slowing down, learning to manage stress, softening your gym or yoga routine, clearing up old issues, letting go of limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits.

Indigenous cultures consider the spirit or soul of a baby that is longed for as a being that wants to be born. Conception can be considered as the first moment a women thinks of conceiving a child with a particular man, or it can be much later when the sperm meets the ovum. Research has shown that environmental influences play a factor as far back as 2 months prior to fertilisation and determining which egg is released into the fallopean tube (if any at all).

Create your own Support

As early pregnancy is shrouded both in caution and mystery it can seem as though the support isn't out there to help you through the rapidly altering emotional and physical landscape of early pregnancy.

Support comes from within, with the breath and the softening, the accepting and releasing, the growing more aware, and the enjoyment of this moment.

Write to your baby

Writing a book for your unborn child, whether with you yet physically or not, will support you and give your baby a sense of their origins.

In this book you can share your feelings, hopes and fears, explain events as they happen and why they did and use the opportunity to look at everything that is happening from the most positive perspective, using tools as you need to in order to move through difficult moments. You can document conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenthood and offer this book to your youngster once they are grown enough and you feel it's the right time to pass it on.