Creating Ideal Birth Conditions

There are many aspects to consider when planning for the best conditions for birth.

There is the preparation aspect and then what conditions can be created on the day.

There is also a radical question that needs to be asked regarding our health care providers and how they influence these conditions.

The whole system we have is concerned with making things faster. Certain statistics are used and highlighted in order to promote the need to fast track labour and birth, but what are the potential consequences of this routine view?

Ray Castellino talks about how routine protocols such as induction can have a massive impact both on the birth and our babies:

There is now a growing body of research into how people present at a birth influence its outcome, through their own unconscious memory of their own birth. How many Doctors and Midwives had a positive birth experience? How many know much about how they came into the world? What about you and your partner?

We were all born. And for many of us, being born was not a loving or conscious experience. As a result of this, we may feel very strongly about birth as being both dangerous and painful and that this pain should be avoided at all costs.

The history of birth practices has never taken into consideration the experience of the baby as a sentient being. Until nearly 30 yrs ago, it was believed that babies didnt even experience pain!

A further clip here from Dr. Ray Castellino touches on how relevant this subject is: