Third Stage: Delivering the Placenta (covered in our birth preparation workshop)

Once the baby is born, the birthing breath can be used to help birth the placenta.

It is vital that a woman who has just birthed is kept warm so that the placenta can be delivered easily. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BLANKET/SHAWL TO WRAP AROUND HER.

Leaving a mother with her newborn baby to conncet with each other will help the placenta to be born. Being watched or put under pressure to deliver it quickly only slows down the process. Make sure that privacy and low lighting are provided to make this stage go smoothly.

Things to consider:

You are given an injection to expel the placenta as a matter of routine unless you ask staff not to. The same applies to Vitamin K, which is given to your baby as soon as she is born, unless you request an oral dose or nothing at all.

Please check out our pages and for more information on vaccinations. It is always worth making informed decisions!