The First Hour After Birth: Key Bonding Time! (covered in our birth preparation workshop)

Science can now bizarrely PROVE that a baby needs his mother (read 'The Scientification of Love' by Michel Odent). More importantly, s/he needs her most as soon as s/he is born.

Our first impressions of life and how safe it is are largely formed in this first hour. The priority immediately after birth in order to allow proper attachment is for baby to have uninterrupted skin on skin contact with Mum ideally - failing this, with Dad. Also that lights are low, voices hushed, and all actions relaxed and gentle. This time will never be again. Enjoy it.

So, ask that the chord is not cut for an hour after birth, that baby is not cleaned up and checked until after this crucial time. It is your right and if it's in your birthplan, the hospital is obliged to follow your wishes. Even with planned/emergency Caesarean births this is important.

For more information about this sacred time visit our attachment and bonding pages.

Basic Reverse Breath

Apply this breath after birthing the placenta, and also for the first two weeks, several times a day, to restore muscles, uterus and pelvic alignment.

Begin by taking an in breath and feeling it rise from the base of your body upwards. As you begin to exhale, draw the abdomen in towards your spine and up towards your chest. Prolong the exhalation and movement as long as comfortable and then gently release abdominal muscles before the next inhalation.

Each exhalation should be longer than the inhalation but never forced.

Once bleeding has stopped, include lifting the whole of the pelvic floor upward as you draw your abdominal muscles in and up.