A to Z of Baby Heath


It is so important to think carefully about taking them at all. Know what to do if you or your baby have to, in order to repair the good bacteria essential to the gut and a healthy immune system. The video below shows why taking probiotics is important if you have ever taken antibiotics, and how these can affect your baby's health.

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Cradle Cap

From the lovely Khara Jade Warren:

Just thought I'd share something that you might want to pass on to the other ladies. Caeleb had started to suffer a bit from cradle cap in a few patches across his scalp and my mom suggested trying something to remedy it.

She had a pure soy candle which you can burn and then put the oil directly on your skin, as it doesn't get hot like wax. It is amazingly moisturising and smells divine and she said it was apparently good for eczema and other skin complaints. So we put some on Caeleb's little head and as soon as the next day, the cradle cap had all but disappeared!

We've put it on daily since then and it's working well. Before we had tried olive oil, grapeseed oil, and the Starflower baby oil I got from you. All were successful in managing it and keeping it under control, but none cleared it up like the soy candle did. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to avoid all the prescriptions a doctor will give for the same thing... brilliant stuff!