Benefits of Babywearing

There are many benefits to 'wearing your baby'- carrying them in a comfortable sling. However not every sling is beneficial to your postural health or the comfort of your baby.

To find out more about slings and discovering thriving communities of women who love to carry their babies visit and If you would like to book a session with a baby wearing consultant this can be arranged for individuals or small gatherings.

So, why carry your baby?

Emotional Benefits

Babies that are held more, cry less. A randomised controlled test reported in Pediatrics showed that carrying babies reduces crying and fussiness 43% during the day and 51% at night. (1)

Cognitive Benefits

Carried babies are primed for learning. Carrying a baby promotes cognitive development and speech development, since babies are exposed to more experiences and conversations.

Physiological Benefits

  • Touching, and therefore holding your baby stimulates her growth hormone production.(2)
  • Babywearing increases a baby's circulation and promotes respiration.(3)
  • Babywearing helps digestion and eases colic. A baby's tummy is massaged through the act of babywearing which also promotes bowel movement. The acupressure points that aid digestion and sleep, are located on the belly and on the lower insides of the thighs. These points are automatically massaged through babywearing.(4)

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Hana baby wrap

Hana Baby Wrap

Hana Baby Wrap is a stretchy wrap carrier made of eco-friendly bamboo fabric which is blended with 28% organic cotton for stability and a touch of elastane for a cosy and snug feeling. All fabrics used are unbleached and undyed; great for the environment and better for your baby's skin.

Bamboo fabric has amazing properties that are transferred into Hana Baby Wrap carriers. Bamboo fabric is very strong yet cashmere soft, naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and has a natural UV filter. Furthermore, because bamboo has a higher tensile strength than 100% cotton, the Hana Baby Wrap is thinner and lighter than, yet as robust as regular cotton-elastane wrap carriers. Bamboo is also up to three times more breathable than cotton, and that in combination with the lightness of the wrap carrier means that Hana Baby Wrap is cooler and hence more comfortable than other wrap carriers available on the market.

Hana Baby Wrap is suitable from birth and can be used as long both baby and parent are comfortable using it. It is suitable for front, back and hip carrying positions.

If you would like to purchase a Hana Baby Wrap please email us. Each wrap costs £49.95. You can either collect from an InJoy! class, or for an extra £2.50 we can post the wrap out to you (within the UK, please enquire for overseas postage)

This wrap was designed by Melissa de Graaff who is local to Croydon.

Contributor: Melissa de Graaff