Everything to help a Feed go Well

There are some products here that we can't help raving about!

First, it's worth noting that the more relaxed mum and baby are at each feed, the more satisfying the feed will be.

Relaxed feeding involves lying down or getting in any position mum feels comfortable to feed in. Learning to feed lying down may take a few practices, but with the use of cushions and loving patience a comfortable position can be discovered between you both.

The biggest mistake to make is to let yourself be uncomfortable whilst your baby tries to find what works.This will even disrupt the beneficial hormone exchange between you as you will be too uncomfortable to relax into it!

Even in a relaxed position, try to be aware of your alignment, and use 'props' to make yourself more comfortable.

Thrupenny Bits Feeding CushionsThrupenny Bits Feeding Cushions are amazing and have the added bonus of turning into a lovely hand bag when you no longer need a feeding pillow! They help to keep your neck and back aligned when you are feeding upright and are very handy when out and about - you carry around as a handbag.

Faye & Lou Breastfeeding Butterly ShawlIf you feel uncomfortable feeding in public, these stylish breastfeeding butterfly shawls give both you and your baby the privacy you need to feed undisturbed. As babies get older you may notice they are easily distracted from their feed. These shawls are great for focusing their attention and encouraging a sense of safety, which will make it easier for them to drop off to sleep if they are tired.

Please Note:

Babies really do benefit from the eye contact they receive when feeding so do make sure you give this as much as possible when feeding in private. It is worth explaining to them also why you are using the shawl.

If you find you are getting through a lot of disposable breast pads, silk washable ones are far kinder to your skin and the environment. They absorb far more liquid, so need to be changed less frequently, and you can wash on low temperature, leaving the odd one in your baby's sleep space so that your scent surrounds them - just as they want it!