Nappy Solutions that Don't Cost the Earth

Disposable nappies seem to be an essential part of modern day baby care.

You may have heard that cloth nappies are a far better option, but are put off by all the extra work they may involve.

Though it's true that disposables can be very handy in those first few weeks when you're coming to grips with parenting, or when out and about, it's vital that care is taken to find biodegreadable options.

Nappy Facts:

  • Disposable nappies buried in landfill sites take up to 500 years to rot, giving off methane gas as they do so. This explosive gas contributes to global warming.
  • Over seven million trees are chopped down every year to produce disposable nappies.
  • Real nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than disposables.

Sainsbury's does a range of 'eco-nappies' which are 60% biodegreadable - not fantastic, but better than other high street options, and competitive in price with usual disposable brands. They are apparently super-absorbant.

For fully biodegreadable disposables, check out the Beaming Baby site for lots of different eco-friendly options. Or, if you want to try using cloth nappies then read on.

The Croydon Real Nappy Network

Croydon Real Nappy NetworkWhy use cloth nappies?

  • Save money - you could be making as many as 4000 nappy changes. Why throw money away along with a dirty nappy?
  • Save the planet - cut your waste in half.
  • Fun and funky - real nappies come in different fabrics, styles and patterns to suit all tastes.
  • Easy to use - no need to soak, simply store and wash at 60c with non-bio powder.
  • Healthy - real nappies are natural and comfortable.

If you would like to find out more about real nappies and the voucher scheme in place in the borough, contact the Croydon Real Nappy Network - saving the planet from the bottom up!

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