Yoga for 'Tweens and Teens'

Yoga to help pre/early teens develop stress and anxiety busting tools

I like coming to yoga because its really fun and helps me relax.

It's really calm and helpful and we get to chill out with loads of other girls (and some boys!)

This yoga class is focused on nurturing qualities in preteens and early teens that will support them through the challenges of teenhood. Seeds are planted for them to grow into emotionally happy and healthy adults with a keen awareness of what is needed to manage their stress levels, anxieties and goals in life.

What's involved?

  • An age appropriate way of building self awareness and enquiry around moods, feelings and changing bodies in a group, body based activity (yoga).
  • Yoga stretches to help balance the nervous system and reduce stress, anxiety and worries around school, home life and the opposite sex.  
  • Yoga stretches to help build awareness of alignment and good posture, and strengthen the entire body.
  • We also talk about good nutrition and developing positive habits and attitude to life and its challenges.
  • There is a special focus on reproductive health, and in particular, sharing with both girls and boys an understanding of the natural cycles of fertility and how behaviour differs between the sexes, so that each gender can better understand the messages of their bodies and of course how to respect themselves and each other as they grow and mature.

What we do in class physically is very much led by the children who attend (for the most part they all cry out for relaxation and massage, along with chatting and sound work).

Rozy (founder of InJoy!) is a specialist yoga teacher and teacher trainer on behalf of Birthlight for fertility, pregnancy, birth, postnatal and baby yoga. Her studies and research have lead towards and understanding that issues in sexual and reproductive health in adulthood are seeded in our babyhood and childhood as we accept the cultural, societal and familial norms we grow up around. For the first seven years of life, what is perceived by children about those around them and their environment is 'downloaded' straight into the subconscious without any rational critique.

Although our preteens are hopefully not in any rush to become parents themselves (!), you may be aware that many women suffer with PMT, PMS and there is a rising number of both men and women suffering from fertility and sexual health issues.

Rozy has been working on an early intervention to hardwire positive messages about body and sexuality whilst children are becoming more conscious of the changes in themselves. Having a positive association with how we relate to ourselves physically is a precursor to reducing problems with sexuality, fertility and gyneacological health in adulthood.

Though this type of class is more popular with girls, boys who wish to attend are welcome too. If you think your child may want to try it out, the first class is free and we would love them to join us. Beyond this, 6 week term fees are £30 - so the class works out at £5 a time. If financial circumstances are strained, we can offer a concession rate, on a case by case basis.

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I like coming to yoga because it relaxes me. And it makes me feel happy and get to spend some time away!
I like coming to yoga because its fun and relaxing and I can make lots of new friends.