Birthlight Toddler Yoga Classes

Yoga for toddlers and Mums - from around 18 months to around 3 years

Lyra absolutely loves it, and I have come to love the time we share at the session each week.

It has really helped us to bond and is a positive and fulfilling way to start our day together which spills over into the rest of our time as a family in the week.

Whether you have been coming to yoga with your baby since you were pregnant, or have only just heard of the many benefits of yoga with your toddler, these InJoy! classes are for everyone!

What's involved?

Yoga is fabulous for creating good foundations in life. From learning to be still inside, to allowing the safe expression of all emotions, yoga offers us tools to cope with the challenges (and often mundaneness) in daily life and discover the magic and potential in every moment.

Sequences are specifically designed to meet the thrills and explorative urges that come with toddlerhood as well as the need to assert independance in a safe and friendly environment.

Toddlers are all about observing and copying, though they like to engage in activites in their own time and own way. Parents are given the know how to support the developmental transitions occuring in this time so that toddlers are always positively encouraged, but never forced to participate, learn and grow.

  • Learn how to better communicate with your toddler, understand her need to express and explore, learn loving tips for dealing with tantrums, sleep problems, separation anxiety and communication styles that will encourage a sense of security and co-operation with your toddler
  • Interact with your little ones as you build strength and improve alignment whilst they are stimulated to thrive, with breath, sound and movement 
  • Helps to improve co ordination, flexibility and confidence, and teaches your little ones to RELAX!
  • If you have a baby and a toddler you can bring them both! 
  • Friendly lively (and relaxing!) classes, exploration of infant development in context of yoga and yogi picnic time. 
  • Yoga for Mums - get strong again with yoga that strengthens you from the inside out, whilst your children play! 

Watch the video to see mums talking about their experience of InJoy yoga.

Please note that days and times may change from term to term. See everything that's on for the next four weeks; you can check further ahead in our Calendar.

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