Birthlight Pregnancy (Antenatal) Yoga Classes

Yoga for expectant Mums from 14 weeks pregnant to birth


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Pregnancy Yoga has really helped me to address some of my fears about labour and to lay them to rest.

Sublimely relaxing and I could guarantee that at least one night a week I would sleep really well!

I am now a matter of days away from the birth and feel better prepared for having done this class.

Yoga is wonderful during pregnancy and at InJoy we offer the internationally acclaimed Birthlight antenatal yoga classes. We offer the flexiblity of attending one of our three classes each week and a private Facebook group to support you through your pregnancy journey with us.

What You Will Learn

Carefully adapted classic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that promote harmony, joy, trust and self confidence.


  • Ease the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy (back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, sleeplessness and breathlessness, swollen joints etc).
  • Promote harmony, trust and self confidence to ease fear, anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Understand the clever role of your hormones during pregnancy and birth and how to make them work for you!
  • Learn breathing techniques to relax body and mind and relieve pain during labour.
  • Deep relaxation for better sleep during pregnancy and more energy!
  • Nurturing through massage and partner work to increase trust in your care team and learn practices you can try at home with your birth partner.
  • Prenatal bonding between Mummy and Baby through breath, sound and movement and conscious communication
  • Align, tone, open and strengthen your body in preparation for birth. Discover how to tone or relax more, dependant on your individual needs.
  • Learn the art of relaxation and meditation... life saving tools for pregnancy, birth and parenthood!
  • Deepen your understanding of your body and how it works through learning more about the female pelvis and the variations in shape that can influence both how your baby 'presents' at birth and how the labour progresses.
  • Everything we offer is to empower you to make the birth and care choices that are right for your family.

Our classes cost £78 (pls enquire for concession) for 6 week block. We offer flexibility of attending a different class if you can't make your regular one. We also run partners classes every 6 weeks open to fathers and birthing partners to attend, for an extra £6 per class.

We also offer a 12 week class block for £153 (to be used over a 15week period)


Please note that antenatal yoga classes go under the banner 'antenatal care' for the NHS which means you are entitled to PAID time off work to attend. Please have a look at the DirectGov website for more details. 

Find out more about why yoga is so good for you during pregnancy 

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I cannot recommend InJoy! pregnancy yoga highly enough. After attending pregnancy yoga elsewhere, and finding it an unwelcoming experience, I was looking for something that made me feel both connected to my baby and to other pregnant women, at a time when I felt on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. As an avid gym user and busy professional pre-pregnancy, I wanted something to help me slow down and reconnect.

InJoy! provided me with this and Tuesday night pregnancy yoga with Rozy quickly became my favourite time of the week. Rozy was welcoming and nurturing from the outset, providing a sacred space to feel accepted and reassured. She has a special gift for making other people feel important, validated and nurtured and this creates an atmosphere of trust and acceptance within the group. Sadly I have to say farewell to the group due to relocating but I will try to hold onto the ethos Rozy creates and use the DVDs as much as possible!
Dr Lorna Nelson, Clinical Psychologist
I wanted to share with you the good news as well.Our little Anoushka was finally born on Monday 2nd November at 7pm (3.5 kg/53cm). I say finally as I had lost waters 6 days earlier and no true labour was happening. The day has been very intense but it went amazingly well, naturally and in water! We couldn't dream of a better experience after my 1st traumatic birth (pre-eclampsia/failed induction at 35w/C section). We are so grateful for the confidence gained throughout the yoga classes with you and Rozy and thank you both and the team from the bottom of our heart.
lroise Guillebot
The best thing I did during my pregnancy was to join Rozy's pregnancy yoga class.

Of course like all first time mums I was 'all over the place' and Rozy's classes seemed to make me relax into the idea that I was actually going to have a baby! She has so much energy and lots of great ideas, phrases and expressions for every occasion. I have problems with my pelvis and Rozy taught me some handy stretches and breathing techniques.

I was blessed with a fantastic labour in Mayday birth centre, jumping on the ball and in the pool whilst listening to dance tunes on my iPod! My boyfriend said I was using my yoga breathing loads. I truly feel that my positive birthing experience is due in large part to pregnancy yoga. It gave me a chance to not only become more in tune with my own body, but also to learn the art of relaxation and meditation on a whole new level.

My pregnancy was not free from complications by any means; however, I was more able to overcome each hurdle and trust everything would be okay because of what yoga has done for me.
Jessica Peterson
Although I was planning to have an epidural I ended up having a completely natural birth, with just two paracetamol and gas and air.

My labour was 2.5 hours with no tearing. I'm convinced Rosanna's yoga classes helped me considerably! They helped prepare my body, but also and most importantly my breathing and focus during labour. I found it's not about pushing the baby out using stomach muscles, but breathing her out!

As a result of the natural delivery my recovery was also incredibly quick; I walked out of hospital the next day! Thank you!
Taj Giles
Your classes are a great way to relax, to do some exercise, to learn so many unknown things and to share a good and vibrant energy. Wednesday's become the best day of my week!
Aurelija Supronaite
I really enjoy Rozy's pregancy yoga class, I feel it does me the world of good and my unborn baby seems to benefit from it too. Rozy is a lovely friendy lady who makes everyone feel welcome. She is very knowledgable and informative and you couldn't go to a better person for pregnancy yoga.
I genuinely enjoy my pregnancy yoga class on a Thursday evening with Rozy. The group is fairly small (up to 8), friendly and really relaxing. She takes into account where you are in your pregnancy as well as how you are feeling in every class to tailor her classes to everyone's needs. She provides a lot of support to the class, both in the class itself and outside. Would definitely recommend.
I was delighted when a friend I met through antenatal classes told me about Rozy's Pregnancy Yoga. I started going to pregnancy yoga sessions in the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. It gave me the rare opportunity to completely relax, forget about work and concentrate on my pregnancy. The breathing techniques taught by Rozy were invaluable and helped me through my labour. The flexible, friendly, supportive nature of Rozy's classes is refreshing and I recommend them highly.
Hi Rosanna, just wanted to let you know that our little one eventually arrived. I was able to deliver in the water, about 4 hours after getting in the birthing pool, and managed with only a TENS machine for pain relief before that.

It was hard work and pretty long as contractions started sporadically throughout Friday night and were pretty intense from midday Saturday. Nevertheless I was really happy that it all went naturally and the water birth was ideal for me - a lot less tiring for the legs!

Thanks very much for all the advice throughout the weeks of Sunday morning Yoga classes - I always looked forward to them. It helped me immensely to know what to expect and to have suggestions to act on to sort out all the minor aches / pains and positioning of the baby beforehand.
Sandra Fountain
Hi Rosanna, our baby (Ethan) was born on Saturday morning. Everything went really well and Chris and Ethan are doing fine. The labour and delivery all went really well. Chris had a water birth; she was only in labour for about 9 hours, the first 6.5 of which we were at home. No additional pain relief (except the water) so she did great. I'm 100% sure it was all the yoga that made it easier than all the other horror stories we had heard.
I found Rosanna's yoga class when I was looking for a local pregnancy yoga class held in the evenings, as everything else seemed to be day time classes only. I was so glad to have found it, as this class was so much more than just a yoga class. Set in the serenity of Rozy's home, the classes were small, relaxing, reassuring and inspiring.

For those just seeking yoga, this is a gentle, rejuvenating and calming class. For those seeking more, it nurtures the beginnings of a spiritual journey to motherhood. Rosanna has a fantastic knack of matching the mood of her class, always finding out how everyone is feeling and designing the class around the energy of the group. Some evenings were invigorating and energizing, others were simply deeply relaxing, but it was agreed by everyone in the group that Thursday evenings were always the ones we looked forward to the most in our week!
I can honestly say I do not how I would have coped without my pregnancy yoga class. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and am relaxed, confident, excited and looking forward to my birth. I have learnt so much about my body and the whole birthing experience. 

This class is not just about a series of exercises, it is sharing valuable information, looking at 'natural' childbirth, looking at alternatives to what the medical profession may push on you, very simple techniques for changing the position of your baby to avoid unnecessary medical intervention and of course breathing and creating more room in the small space that you and your growing baby are sharing! 

Rozy is armed with information including handouts on every aspect of birthing (and after). I could go on and on! If you are reading this then you have already decided that yoga may be for you... I cannot recommend highly enough.
Rebecca Lowe
I just wanted to say your yoga sessions were amazing and I have had a smooth pregnancy and I attribute it to your yoga sessions. I started attending the yoga sessions from my 19th week and now I am 39 weeks and I didn't get any pelvic pain or any other pain throughout my pregnancy. In addition, I never felt heavy carrying my baby and was able to attend work till my 37th week.

I would like to say thanks to you and your team for being a wonderful support throughout this amazing journey of my pregnancy and would recommend your classes to each and every pregnant woman I meet from now on.

As I now gear up for my delivery and bringing my baby to this world, I will remember your exercises and will put them into practice.