Birthlight Mother & Baby Nurture Yoga Classes

Yoga for babies and Mums from newborn to 16 weeks

Injoy Yoga is brilliant!

I recommend it to anyone who is pregnant, no matter what stage you are at, and also to those who have recently given birth!

The benefits are amazing; it helped greatly throughout my pregnancy and now continues to do so with my little one.

InJoy Yoga offers Birthlight  mummy and baby nurture yoga classes suitable from birth up to 16 weeks. You can attend before your 8 week postnatal check up. Calm your nervous system and sooth your baby's transition into the outside world, however the birth went, with therapeutic yoga for you both. Learn key skills for getting to know your baby's needs with top tips and baby activities specific for newborn developmental stages.

InJoy Yoga offers Birthlight stretching classes for mums and babies from birth up to 16 weeks old. 

Bond with your baby, recover from birth and soothe your baby's transition into the world, however the birth went, with therapeutic yoga for  you both. If you are looking for a suitable baby class, Birthlight mummy and baby nurture yoga is the top baby activity you can do with newborn babies. It is focused on the specific needs of new babies and new outstading class for babies where you do postnatal yoga WITH your baby.

Develop confidence as a mum as you grow more trusting of how to handle your baby with life saving feeding, carrying, crying and sleeping tips. 

Interaction between mother and baby is vital for the development of emotional intelligence, and studies have shown the benefits of activities that engage parent and child alike. It is also the remedy for any trace of the baby blues or postnatal depression.

Grow more aware of the needs of your newborn through baby massage and gentle yoga sequences understanding baby cues and cries, and how to respond effectively to meet your baby's needs. 

Promote harmony, trust and self confidence to ease anxiety, confusion, shock and baby blues.

Discover the benefits of baby yoga classes:

  • Relaxed baby holds
  • Good feeding alignment and happy baby yoga feeding practices
  •  Yoga poses and exercises specific for infant classes; soothing crying babies, colic, constipation, reflux, and promoting digestion, confidence, development of co ordination and relaxation.....the secret to babies sleeping better! 
  • Easy yoga sound practices to sooth, calm and nourish you both
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal core muscle toning for mums....lose weight safely and get strong as you carry your baby around. Baby workout!
  • Cranio-sacral re alignment through mother and baby yoga
  • Relaxation and breathing postnatal yoga exercises  that will help you to feel calm, centred and grounded
  • Meet other mums with babies of a similar age and discover the enjoyment of a nurturing, relaxed and supportive mother and baby group.
  • Postnatal Yoga postures to ease tight 'feeding shoulders', sore backs and stress incontinence. Feel fit, vital and energised as you get stronger, doing baby yoga moves that are nurturing baby, and nurturing you too.

Read more about how beneficial baby yoga is in our blog post on the subject.

This class is also focused on postnatal re-alignment of pelvis, spine and shoulders after birth, whilst the babies are young enough to need less focus. This is the key to more comfortable future pregnancies and a happy menopause later on.

The western world does not have its own closing ritual after birth....but Birthlight post natal yoga does! We do parts of the sequence in our mum and baby yoga classes but for the full sequence why not come along to our Postnatal Realignment workshop?

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Just wanted to say thanks for a great nurture class yesterday, it was exactly what Oscar and I needed after a tough morning! I can't believe I almost didn't come as I was worried about him being upset as he hadn't napped! He seemed to really enjoy it, and he slept for 2.5 hours solid after the class! Thanks again and see you next week.
Lorna and Oscar
I started baby yoga when Nahbila was 6 weeks young! Rozy made us feel very welcome and much cared for. I really admire her love and patience for all the mums and babies present. My Nahbila and I learned to communicate and be with each other in most heartlove and delightful ways.

Rozy also offered answers to questions; I did not even have to ask but somehow she seems to feel them and just in between doing yoga - feeding baby - calming baby - massage baby - dry my own tears... she mentioned something and I feel so well understood and provided with great solutions! Most lovely. I feel very blessed to have found Rozy and I believe from the bottom of my heart that she is doing a most wonderful, loving and very important job!
After a very long and physically exhausting labour (losing a litre and half of blood) I was presented with this wonderful little package - my son. After a couple of sleepless nights in hospital we brought him home, but it wasn't long before the task of having someone so dependent upon me finally hit home.

I found myself bursting into tears spontaneously, feeling anxious and not being able to sleep. I thought I was losing the plot and that I would never be able to love and look after my son the way I really wanted to. After four weeks I made myself go to mother and baby nuture classes.

It was like a breath of fresh air. First to find that other mums were also experiencing similar feelings, but also to understand my emotions and why I was so upset. After some work with Rosanna I was able to relax more and started to feel more like myself. I also started to create a wonderful bond with my baby and realised that I was more than capable of looking after him. I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling even a bit down (and even those who are not) to try baby yoga - the positive effects will last a lifetime.
Lucy Amusan
Injoy Yoga is brilliant; I recommend it to anyone who is pregnant, no matter what stage you are at, and also to those who have recently given birth! The benefits are amazing; it helped greatly throughout my pregnancy and now continues to do so with my little one. All you have to do is pop along to one of the classes. Everyone is so welcoming, the teachers are great and their knowledge stretches further than just yoga and has really helped me in everyday life... I love the friends I have made and how much my little Jack enjoys it too.
The first time out the house with Molly, my new 'bundle of joy', was to Rozy's Mummy and Baby Nurture class. Again my mind was put at rest due to all the helpful advice. Rozy does some great work with all of us and is one of life's truly nice people! Thanks.
When my Baby was two weeks old I started baby yoga sessions with Rozy. The atmosphere is totally relaxed which is beneficial to both mother and baby. Rozy encourages breast feeding whilst the class is going on and it really helped me in the early weeks with my baby when I was still learning to how to breastfeed. My baby is now 12 weeks old and I am finding the class extremely beneficial to my post natal recovery and it gives me valuable bonding time with my daughter.
Croydon mum