Birthlight Baby Massage Classes

Massage classes for babies and mums/dads/carers from newborn to 16 weeks

Most of us as new mummas have not had the experience of caring for a brand new newborn until the day we meet our new bubba.

InJoy! have teamed up with Birthlight to design a special kit to equip new mothers with skills to respond to our new babiesin positive and enjoyable ways.


What's involved?



Very simple instructions are walked through at your speed to adapt postures and ways of holding babiesthat can make all the difference to our bond with our new bubbas and mummies overall well-being. InJoy! offers well tried and trusted practices that help mothers to nurture themselves and their newborns during the most wonderful time they have together. 

Whether your pregnancy was easy or a more challenging time, the early weeks and months create a foundation that has far reaching benefits for parents and children later in life. For this reason, Injoy! has given special attention to very early nurturing practices in this lovely class. Françoise Freedman, founder of Birthlight has been greatly influenced by the nurturing rituals that new mothers and also new fathers experience in the Amazon rainforest. In parts of the world where postnatal traditions are still respected, yet there is a need to adapt them to a modern lifestyle. 

Our practices for Mother & Baby Massage include:

  • Baby massage(clothed massage, dry massage, full body massage, therapeutic touch)
  • Active bonding through infant feeding (however you and your babychoose to feed)
  • Relaxed & Positive holds (for crying babies or babies who do not like to sleep)
  • Emotional awareness and positive use of voice for babytalk
  • Napping techniques to compensate for mother’s lack of sleep
  • Access to deep rest to overcome fatigue (for the whole family)


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